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The PU solution canvas waterproof oxford fabric is perfect for all types of indoor and outdoor use. This fabric is 600x600 denier, 100% polyester and 58/60” wide. The canvas waterproof features a polyurethane solution (PU) backing with a waterproof coating, making it extremely sturdy and vigorous. The PU solution allows the fabric to have enhanced UV resistance of at least 1,000 hours, which is double the UV resistance of the PVC covered canvas fabric. After the 1,000 hours, the fabric may experience some fading depending on the environmental factors that surround the fabric. Additionally, the fabric has mold resistant qualities to augment its outdoor capabilities. The thickness of the canvas measures approximately 0.45mm and each roll is approximately 50 yards each. Furthermore, the PU coated canvas is a bit more flexible than its PVC coated counterpart, but has the same resistance against creasing while maintaining its pliability. The waterproof canvas fabric can easily be used on most sewing machines.

This fabric is created using solution dyed fibers, which helps the fabric to retain its color at the utmost quality. This method allows the fibers to be individually dyed while they are spun prior to weaving. This locks the colors into the fibers, which significantly improves quality of color, UV resistance and quality of the fabric overall.

This canvas fabric can be used for numerous applications such as backpacks, toss pillows, chair pads, awnings, cushions, tote bags, heavy duty travel, accessories, patio furniture, boat covers and more. This fabric's versatility allows the fabric to be perfect for both small and large scale projects.

Available in many colors with thousands of yards in stock year round. Buy more and save more to take advantage of the exclusive quantity discounts offered on the canvas waterproof fabric.

*Please note that while this fabric is mold resistant, over-exposure of mold may overwhelm the fabric’s resistance. Additionally, when using this fabric, please place the PU solution coated side away from sunlight, as the PU coating may experience discoloration if it is placed in direct sunlight. This is NOT a case of molding, but rather discoloration due to the interaction between sunlight and the contents of the PU solution

60" Waterproof Oxford Canvas Fabric UV Resistant
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Canvas Fabric

Canvas is a type of fabric that is double woven and is exceptionally versatile. Canvas is mainly known to be used as a medium for oil paintings; however, canvas has some significant uses in the sewing world. From handbags to martial arts uniforms to tents to patio furniture, canvas fabric is extremely adaptable and durable.

Some benefits of using canvas fabric for your project are:

  • Easily washable
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be chemically treated to enhance its properties
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Takes well to colors 
  • Ability to print on canvas

Where Did Canvas as Fabric Originate?

Canvas has been around for hundreds of years. The earliest sign of canvas is a painting that survived from 1410 in Berlin. It is a French Madonna with angels. Although it comes from painting, canvas was used as a medium for embroidery and photo print in the 17th century once it was moved into Europe. 

Originally, canvas fabric was made using hemp and linen. Today, canvas fabric is typically made from cotton, however it can still be found as a product of hemp and linen. Cotton was cheaper and also allowed the cotton to stretch, leading to less cracking and damages. Depending on how tightly the cotton was woven, the strength of the cotton increases. 

Canvas fabric can be used for a lot of outdoor capabilities due to its resistant qualities. Canvas fabric is waterproof, fire-proof, stretchable, and mold resistant. When considering a fabric for your outdoor projects, canvas should be at the top of your list. The versatility allows it to be perfect for your large or smaller projects. 

GoldStar Tool Has the Right Canvas For You

GoldStar Tool's fabric is created using solution-dyed fibers. The fibers are dyed individually while they are being spun before the weaving process begins. This process allows the canvas fabric to hold the colors at the best quality possible. Another benefit is how the colors lock into the fibers adding to the UV resistance and quality of the canvas fabric.