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Swatch & Sample Cutters

Sensing the needs of textile and sewing companies to provide samples of fabrics for catalogs or displays, we created an efficient, portable swatch cutting machine to easily cut large numbers of samples in uniform patterns. Our swatch cutter negates the need for pinking shears, and like much of the equipment here, it allows you to take work that used to require hours of time and repetitive hand motion, and turn it into a simple, efficient task. You can choose between a straight cut and a pinking cut to slice through up to 3/4" thick cloth, leather, vinyl and paper with our changeable blades. 

12" Swatch Cutter (GS30-8)
Our Price: $499.00  
16" Swatch Cutter (GS40-8)
Our Price: $599.00   Market Price: $999.00
Save: $400.00 per unit