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Swatch & Sample Cutters

Sensing the needs of textile and sewing companies to provide samples of fabrics for catalogs or displays, we created an efficient, portable swatch cutting machine to easily cut large numbers of samples in uniform patterns. Our swatch cutter negates the need for pinking shears, and like much of the equipment here, it allows you to take work that used to require hours of time and repetitive hand motion, and turn it into a simple, efficient task. You can choose between a straight cut and a pinking cut to slice through up to 3/4" thick cloth, leather, vinyl and paper with our changeable blades. 

Digital Scale To Determine GSM 2000g/0.01g​
Our Price: $199.99  
12" Swatch Cutter - #GS30-8
Our Price: $499.00  
16" Swatch Cutter - #GS40-8
Our Price: $599.00   Market Price: $999.00
Save: $400.00 per unit
16" Heavy Duty Swatch Cutter With Stand- #GS42-8
Our Price: $799.00  
Pinking Or Straight Blades For GS30-8, GS40-8 Or GS42-8 Swatch Cutters
Our Price: $226.99  
Cutting Mat For GS30-8, GS40-8 Or GS42-8 Swatch Cutter
Our Price: $39.99  
C-Clamp Set For GS30-8 Or GS40-8 Swatch Cutter
Our Price: $29.99  
16" Or 24" Extra Heavy Duty Swatch Cutter With Stand And Wheels
Our Price: $799.99   Market Price: $1999.99
Save: $1200.00 per unit
Pinking Or Straight Extra Heavy Duty Blade For CYJ-400 Or CYJ-600 Swatch Cutter
Our Price: $226.99  
Cutting Mat For CYJ-400 and CYJ-600 Swatch Cutters
Our Price: $49.99  
12" Pneumatic Swatch Cutter
Our Price: $1499.00   Market Price: $2995.00
Save: $1496.00 per unit
12" Pinking Or Straight Blade For Pneumatic Swatch Cutter
Our Price: $259.99  
Fabric Sampler Cutter
Our Price: $199.99  
Rubber Mat For Fabric Sample Cutter
Our Price: $29.99  
Replacement Razor for Circle Paper Cutter/ Round Fabric Cutter (5 Pack)​
Our Price: $19.99  

Swatch books are essential for sewers. If you have a large library of fabric or inventory for your business, the swatches can help you find your fabrics and pick out which one you or your customers want for a project. Owning a good swatch cutter is critical in getting that sample book perfect.

Having a book of your fabrics and samples can help you with:

  • Knowing what different fibers you have
  • The characteristics of the different fabrics
  • What suitable end uses each fabric has
  • Knowing where to find a pattern/color based on the organization

Instead of going through those mishaps of not knowing where the fabric is, buying it again, just to find it a few days later, you could have your fabrics organized throughout this book to match your inventory set-up. And if you rely on online stores to get your fabrics, you won’t have the luxury of time to get those projects finished promised to your customers.

In order to make a beautifully organized swatch book, you need a good swatch cutter, a mat to cut the swatches on, and rulers to make sure everything is exact. And if you aren’t sure how heavy your material is, you may need a digital scale to determine the GSM. With it giving two decimals, it can give you the most accurate measurements for paper, fabric, and cardboard. Lastly, if you’re running a business, you might want to look into an industrial swatch cutting table that can fulfill all your swatch cutting needs.

If you are looking to skip buying all the small pieces, you might want to try the GS30-8 or the GS40-8 swatch cutters. On the GS30-8, you can cut up to 12 swatches at a time, and on the GS30-8, you can cut up to 16 swatches at a time. Throw out those shears and grab a heavy-duty swatch cutting machine to help you get your books intact! 

If you still have questions on our swatch cutters, feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you!