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12" Pneumatic Swatch Cutter

12" Pneumatic Swatch Cutter

SKU: GS-30-8A
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12" Pinking Or Straight Blade For Pneumatic Swatch Cutter
Cutting Mat For GS30-8, GS40-8 Or GS42-8 Swatch Cutter $39.99

12" Pneumatic Swatch Cutter

The 12" Pneumatic Swatch Cutter - GS-30-8A is indispensable in textile and apparel manufacturing environments. Its robust construction and air-powered system deliver unparalleled performance for high-volume fabric cutting. The precision blade ensures clean cuts from the first swatch to the last, eliminating the problems of fraying or uneven edges that can occur with manual scissors or less powerful machines.

Including a safety guard and easy-to-access controls means you can operate the GS-30-8A with peace of mind, focusing on productivity without compromising safety. Requiring minimal setup, this cutter integrates seamlessly into any production line, ensuring a smooth workflow and helping to meet tight deadlines.

Designed for a wide range of materials, our pneumatic swatch cutter is an essential tool for those who value precision, efficiency, and versatility in their fabric-cutting process. Whether you are preparing swatches for client presentations, quality control, or pattern making, the GS-30-8A is a reliable choice for consistent results.

Invest in the 12" Pneumatic Swatch Cutter - GS-30-8A today and experience a revolution in fabric cutting that promises to take your production to the next level.


  • 12" Cut, 12" blade
  • Faster and more accessible than manual swatch cutters
  • A laser pointer line will guide you on where you are cutting.
  • Conveniently mount on any table
  • Low energy consumption
  • Two air cylinders for maximum cutting strength
  • Convenient ruled-out work area
  • 2" knife height lets you cut thick stacks.
  • Easily cuts 12" (30cm) of material at a time.
  • 110V AC power; maximum air pressure: 100 PSI


  • Anti Tie Down Relays
  • Two-button operation to keep hands away from the blade.
  • Plexi-glass hand and eye guard 
  • Dimensions: 36" x 24" x 16" (91.5 x 61 x 40.6cm)

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