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Sewing Machine Essentials

There is no shortage in supply of sewing machine parts, but there is a shortage of quality. At Golden Cutting and Sewing Supplies, we can proudly say that quality is never an issue with us. We offer the finest supplies of accessories and sewing machine parts in Los Angeles and nationwide. We sell only the most trusted brands in the garment and sewing industry. Our massive online inventory ships nationwide, as well as worldwide. We also offer the best customer service anywhere. A sewing machine is very much like a car as it gets used day in and day out. There is a lot of stress put on a sewing machine. Therefore, like a car, a sewing machine must be taken care of if you want it to last you a long time. Our high quality products are fit for any budget and can save you a lot of money. You will find an extremely varied selection of Singer, Janome and Brother sewing machine parts in our Los Angeles stores, as well as our online store. Whatever you needs may be, you can be sure that Golden Cutting and Sewing Supplies has what you need in order to keep your sewing machine in tip top shape.

There is no shortage in the supply of sewing machine parts, but there can be a shortage of quality. There can be a lot of stress put on a sewing machine, and no matter how good your machines are, sometimes accidents happen, and parts need to be replaced. Regardless of why you need the parts, GoldStar Tool has the best products for your sewing machines.

Sewing Machine Needles: Knowing which needle to pick for your sewing machine can be tricky. Having those extra needles lying around is perfect for those who interchange their needles often. Different stitches and fabrics call for different needles. 

Bobbin Cases, Bobbins, and Hooks: Although they are designed to last, bobbins and bobbin cases can wear out and will need to be replaced at some point. If you notice that your machine isn’t sewing as smoothly, it may require the bobbin or bobbin case to be replaced. Don’t overlook these issues because it could hurt your machine in the long run.

Sewing Machine Parts: Although bobbins can be one reason your sewing machine isn’t running smoothly, there may be more that can cause these problems. You might need a spring, screw, tension, filter, gasket, clamp, bar, thread, belt, pulley, gear, or bracket. If you want to avoid buying all of these tools separately, you can buy a spare part kit when you initially buy a sewing machine to repair it right away.

Machine Needle Plates and Feed Dogs: Feed dogs can be a pain to figure out, and just when you think you figured it out, something goes wrong. Don’t worry, though, GoldStar Tool has the parts to fit your machines perfectly every time. Needle plates can have a considerable effect on your projects. Sometimes your machine might need a small upgrade. Consider a new needle plate when sprucing up your projects.

Feet and Attachments: It’s the smaller things in life that matter the most. Don’t overlook the removable pieces like feet, biners, overlocks, and coverstitches. No matter how small or how big, GoldStar has the tools you’re looking for. 

Motors and Tables: If your motor goes out, you don’t have to resort to buying a whole new machine. GoldStar Tool is a verified dealer of numerous sewing machine manufacturers and has all the parts that you might need to repair your machine. Consider buying an industrial table to work on as well.

Oils and Lubricants: Struggling to get your machine running smoothly can be due to a lack of oils and lubricants. Some new age sewing machines don’t require lubrication, but some do. When buying a machine, look to see if you will need oil or lubricants to keep your machine working in tip-top shape. 

You will find an extremely varied selection of Singer, Janome, and Brother sewing machine parts in our Los Angeles stores and our online store. Whatever your needs may be, you can be sure that GoldStar Tool has what you need to keep your sewing machine in great shape.