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Button Badge Machines

We offer a complete product line of button badge machines that can help you complete any button badge making project you may have. Click on the button badge machine links below to find out all the different custom button badge products that are possible with each machine.

Blank Badges & Buttons for Button Making Machine
Our Price: $24.00  
Button Maker Machine
Our Price: $149.99   Market Price: $199.99
Save: $50.00 per unit
Button Maker Molds Only
Our Price: $75.00   Market Price: $99.99
Save: $24.99 per unit
Circle Paper Die Cutter
Our Price: $99.99   Market Price: $149.99
Save: $50.00 per unit

Button Maker Supplies

At GoldStar Tool, we want to make sure you can find any and everything you might need for a project. No matter what the occasion is, whether it’s a bachelorette party, birthday party, supporting a cause, or even starting your own business for button making, GoldStar tool has the products for you. We carry blank badges and buttons, a button maker machine, button molds, and a paper die cutter for button makers.

Badges and Buttons 

Making a statement with a button is a tradition that started many years ago. More recently, it has become popular to have or sell buttons of your favorite tv shows, collecting them as collector’s items such as Disney badges or simply to let people know it’s your birthday! This is why we carry 3 different sizes: 37mm, 58mm, and 75mm. We also sell them in a pack of 100 or 1000, depending on your needs. 

Button Making Machine

Our button maker machine can work with a wide variety of buttons and badges. The button maker machine has cushioned hand grips, “zero scrap loss” engineering, swivel die set that increases speed, “swivel die stop the ensures the upper and lower dies are aligned, a super fast two-step button making process, and a positive full stroke button press verification. The button maker machine is all metal construction, industry size, and made with steel. 

Button Maker Molds

If you wish to make your own buttons, we offer button molds in the same sizes that we offer our buttons and badges, 33mm, 58mm, and 75mm. These are made of steel and can be used with any button material. They are also compatible with our button maker machines.

Paper Die Cutter

If you're a button maker, know that cutting that perfect circle every time can be tedious and time-consuming. Paper die cutters help you with getting that ideal shape on every try. Each machine is made differently, but the die cutter featured on GoldStar Tool is explicitly designed for button makers and comes in the same three sizes as the badges, buttons, and the molds. 

Contact GoldStar Tool for All Your Badge and Button Making Needs

If you have any questions or concerns about our button maker supplies or suggestions, feel free to reach out to contact us with about button makers.. We are here to help with any issues you may come across.