Hook & Loop

It’s nearly everywhere, and you hear the distinctive ripping when someone takes it apart. Hook and loop tape is one of the most useful and ubiquitous inventions from the 20th Century with an unlimited number of uses. It’s so commonplace that we don’t even think that it is often take for granted. Where would we be without these simple but effective tape fasteners?

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Hook and Loop Tape for Sewing

The Beginnings of Hook and Loop

Although NASA is frequently credited with the invention of hook and loop tape, its inventor was actually Swiss and pre-dated the Apollo missions. Engineer George de Mestral examined the cockleburs that stuck to his clothes and his dog’s fur after a walk. Under a microscope, he discovered a series of tiny, sharp hooks that allowed them to catch onto nearly anything it touched. Realizing that this “system” had the potential for a wide range of uses, Mestral worked with weavers to create a man-made version of this polypropylene adhesion system to mimic the cockleburs that stuck to his pants so well.

After trial and error, Mestral and his team finally created the hook and loop adhesive system we now know. This nylon webbing tape revolutionized closures and gave the world a new way to open, close and attach easily.

Since 1955, this simple two-part specialty fastener made from nylon webbing has been used in a wide range of applications, from military gear to medical clothing and equipment, safety equipment and everyday apparel.

In zero gravity, NASA discovered that the hook and loop tape with adhesive was a great way to keep things from floating around inside spacecraft. After NASA began using hook and loop tape in space suits, lunar modules, and other space-specific applications, the public began to adopt it as a widespread alternative closure to zippers, buttons, and snaps.

Choosing the Right Hook and Loop

Adhesive Or Sew-On?

Although GoldStar Tool offers a wide range of sizes and colors, there are two basic types of hook and loop tape: the type you sew on, and the adhesive type that you stick onto an item.

Hook and loop sew-on tape is also used for pocket closures on cargo pants and shorts, jackets, footwear, various types of outerwear, sails, indoor and outdoor cushions, and many other textiles to hold surfaces together but allow easy opening. This can include military and civilian commercial uses such as safety equipment, protective vests, back braces, harnesses, hospital utility clothing, helmets, backpacks, and other applications.

Advantages Of Hook And Loop Tape

Why choose a hook and loop tape over buttons, zippers, and other fasteners? Using a hook and loop tape has several advantages to suit your needs, including:

Adaptability makes the hook and loop tape ideal for so many kinds of textile, organization, repair, and other projects that need closures. Your imagination is your only limit!

Multiple Uses

When it comes to the hook and loop tapes, the uses are endless. What other projects can benefit from this specialty fastener tape? How about:

Need more ideas? Check out GoldStar Tool’s blog for tons of fun sewing projects.

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