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Craft Supplies

Whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, a crafter’s tool kit is never truly complete. The industry is always changing and fluctuating with new patterns, projects, and gadgets. Our craft supplies are equipped to tackle any goal you might have.

We have an array of merchandise for our customers to choose from, including button badge machines, craft supplies, adhesives, glues, solutions, paper solutions, and storage essentials. No matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find it through GoldStar Tools.

Our button badge machine has a cushioned hand grip, all-metal construction, is standard industry size, has zero scrap loss engineering, and you can save $100 compared to the standard button-making machine. We also offer button molds at $24.99 less than our competitors and blank buttons that work perfectly with our button-making machine. You can’t go wrong with our button products.

At GoldStar Tools, we offer an array of pliers to fit our shoppers’ needs. We offer Westcott Long Nose Craft Pliers, Westcott Craft End Nippers, Westcott Compound Action Pliers, and a Westcott ProjectMate Staple Gun. The long-nose pliers are suitable for jewelry projects and small intricate projects, whereas the compound pliers are better for flower arrangements and tabletop displays.

Adhesives, glues, and solutions are all extremely different and have different jobs. We carry an array of each product, leaving our customers with many options to choose from. Whether you need mist, silicone, or foam adhesive, you can find it here. We provide cleaning guns, oils for sewing machines, machine cleaner, anti-static spray, and more. If you think you need it, we’ve got it. Don’t forget about that hot glue gun either!

Paper craft supplies may seem straightforward for those who are just starting, but sometimes when it comes to complex projects, starting over and having enough paper can be an issue. Our paper products can be bought in large quantities, even rolls up to 800 feet! You can also purchase smaller rolls. We carry eight different types of paper to meet any project’s needs.

Lastly, we sell all your storage essentials. Now that you’ve got your craft supplies together, where are you going to store everything? Storage can seem like a pain, but we try to make it easy for you. We offer different sized compartment boxes for your convenience. There are storage options for bobbins, markers, ribbon, paint, and anything you can squeeze in!