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Overlock, Serger, or Coverstitch? What’s the Real Difference?

By: GoldStar Tool

Serger, or Overlocker? It really puts the Shakespearean question of, "Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?" to the test because they're the same thing.

Health Benefits of Sewing and Quilting

By: GoldStar Tool

Sewing can be fun, but is it actually good for you? You may not realize it, but the act of sewing has several health benefits, especially as you age. Find out why sewing is good for your health...

Tips to Avoid Injuries While Sewing

By: GoldStar Tool

Can sewing be dangerous? If you are not careful you could easily injure yourself. Here are some of our top tips to avoid injury while you are sewing. 

Sewing Supplies in Los Angeles

If you’re local and looking for fashion and sewing supplies in Los Angeles, please feel free to visit us at one of our two locations and see for yourself why Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies in Los Angeles is considered the best source of fashion and sewing supplies in the country.

Custom Manufactured Sewing Equipment

Our custom sewing equipment include prominent brands such as GoldStar, New-Tech and SewTech, under which we manufacture high-quality cutting and sewing machines, parts and accessories, as well as hundreds of other goods. Quality, durability, craftsmanship and attention to detail are just a few reasons why our custom sewing equipment is considered the most reliable and effective in the market today. Please contact us for more information.