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May 20 2022
2022 GoldStar Tool Father's Day Giveaway

By: GoldStar Tool

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if you haven’t thought about what to get your dad for Father’s Day, look no further! GoldStar Tool has you covered. We are having a Father’s Day giveaway where 10 dads will win one of 10 $100 gift cards to GoldStar Tool! The giveaway begins on May 20th and ends on June 20th.

May 19 2022
DIY Reversible Sun Hat

By: GoldStar Tool

Sun hats are vital during a day at the beach or any outdoor activity. With this DIY reversible sun hat, you can make your own unique and stylish sun hat for a fraction of the price!

May 17 2022
Computerized Sewing Machines vs. Mechanical Sewing Machines

By: GoldStar Tool

The debate between computerized and mechanical sewing machines has been a hot-button issue among professional and amateur crafters ever since computerized models came on the market. 

May 12 2022
Outdoor Series: How to Make Your Own Outdoor Cushions

By: GoldStar Tool

Store-bought outdoor cushions can get the job done, but they’ll never be as unique and eye-catching as their DIY counterparts. Check out our tutorial here. 

May 10 2022
What Can You Use an Overlock Machine for?

By: GoldStar Tool

An overlock machine, also known as a serger, is a style of sewing machine that is designed to streamline the stitching process. Learn more here. 

May 05 2022
2022 Mother's Day Sale

By: GoldStar Tool

To get 10% off your purchase*, use the code MOM22 at checkout! Exclusions apply to all JUKI and Consew sewing machines. Don’t miss out on this limited offer. The sale begins May 5th, and ends May 11th!

May 05 2022
DIY Fabric Curtains

By: GoldStar Tool

Are you thinking about making curtains but having trouble getting started? These DIY fabric curtains are great for crafters with a little experience and take roughly three hours to complete.

May 03 2022
4 Common Reasons Your Sewing Machine Is Locking Up

By: GoldStar Tool

Are you having an issue where your sewing machine keeps locking up inexplicably? Let’s take a look at a few of the most common reasons this might be happening.

April 28 2022
DIY Cotton Storage Bin!

Most storage solutions are functional, rectangular, molded plastic, or other boring words. Let’s fix that with a cotton storage bin you can make yourself! The tools you need are few, and the materials are easily found and inexpensive.

April 26 2022
How to Lock a Stitch Without Reverse

Yes, it’s possible to use a sewing machine without reverse! Let’s say you’re using an industrial sewing machine, for instance. Or perhaps you have the opportunity to use a vintage sewing machine made before backstitch reverse settings were common. Either way, knowing how to lock a stitch without engaging reverse is a handy skill to have.

April 21 2022
DIY Diaper Bags

If you’re a parent, you know that diaper bags can be expensive and boring. They can also be shoddily made a lot of time. If you want to solve all those problems at once, you can make your own!

April 19 2022
How to Properly Thread a Sewing Machine

Threading a sewing machine is kind of like cooking in that they’re both about doing things in the right order. Get them correct, and you’ve got a souffle. Get them wrong, and you have a burnt, collapsed mess. Let’s give you the right order.

April 14 2022
2022 Mother's Day Giveaway

From April 15th, 2022 until May 4th, 2022, you can enter your mom to be the winner of one of the ten gift cards and she can shop her heart out on GoldStar Tool. To enter our giveaway, follow these rules.

April 14 2022
2022 Easter Sale!

It’s that time of the year again! We are celebrating Easter with you again this year with another sale. Check it out here!

April 14 2022
Fight Spring Allergies with Our Fabric Tissue Holder!

If you’re on a quest to make everything in your life look less utilitarian and more fun, you’ll like this craft — and really, it’ll be more functional, too.