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March 28 2023
What Is the Difference Between Sew-On Hook and Loop vs. Peel and Stick?

By: GoldStar Tool

Hook and loop fasteners are one of the most popular forms of fastening these days. If you’ve never heard the term “hook and loop” before, you have probably heard of it by its branded name: Velcro.

March 14 2023
Singer Sewing Machine Parts Explained

By: GoldStar Tool

When it comes to sewing machines and accessories, Singer is one of the longest-standing and most trusted brands on the market today. If you have a Singer sewing machine, you can be confident that your machine is high quality and can handle a wide variety of projects.

February 21 2023
How to Use a Heavy-Duty Upholstery Sewing Machine

By: GoldStar Tool

The idea of repairing a piece of torn upholstery fabric or even creating your couch or chair cover can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have much sewing machine experience. However, sewing upholstery can be quick and easy if you have the right tools and know-how.

February 07 2023
What Is the Difference Between a Domestic and an Industrial Sewing Machine?

By: GoldStar Tool

If you’re new to sewing and DIY home projects, you may be wondering what the differences are between a sewing machine designed for home use and a sewing machine built to withstand industrial levels of demand. Even accomplished sewers may not know the distinct differences between these two types of sewing machines.

February 01 2023
GoldStar Tool's 2023 Valentine's Day Sale!

By: GoldStar Tool

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January 24 2023
GoldStar Tool's 2023 Valentine's Day Giveaway!

By: GoldStar Tool

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January 24 2023
Sewing Needles: How to Choose What's Best for Your Project

By: GoldStar Tool

As anyone who sews will tell you, not all sewing needles are created equal. There are many different types and sizes of needles, and each one is designed to help you tackle specific types of projects.

January 17 2023
Threading and Sewing Needle Tips & Tricks

By: GoldStar Tool

Sewing is a fun and rewarding hobby for millions of people. But as with any hobby, you may hit a few snags when you're first starting out. From threads that keep snapping to machines skipping stitches, many sewing pains are felt universally.

January 10 2023
Sewing Machine Needles: Basics for Beginners

By: GoldStar Tool

If you're new to the world of sewing, it can be difficult to decipher all the jargon that gets thrown around when it comes to sewing needles. Luckily, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about sewing machine needles as a beginner.

January 03 2023
How to Change a Sewing Machine Needle

By: GoldStar Tool

If you're new to sewing, it's important to take some time to get to know your machine inside and out before jumping into a big project. You should know all the different parts of your machine, how to thread it, how to adjust the stitch settings, and most importantly, how to change the needle.

December 27 2022
How to Plan Your 2023 Sewing Projects

By: GoldStar Tool

The new year is upon us, which means it’s time to plan out your next batch of sewing machine projects! Whether you’re an experienced sewer with a busy schedule of professional work or an amateur looking to build your portfolio of skills, planning out your next several projects in advance can help ensure your success.

December 22 2022
The Complete Guide To Sewing Machine Needles and Sizes

By: David Akhamzadeh

The needle isn’t a new invention. A sewing needle found in 2016 in the Denisova Cave dates back about 50,000 years, showing that humans have been using needles for millennia.

December 20 2022
Tips for Controlling the Speed of Your Sewing Machine

By: GoldStar Tool

If your sewing machine is stitching too fast, it could create unreliable stitches or damage your fabric. The result is similar if your sewing machine is stitching too slow, not to mention the fact that your project will take you twice as long to complete.

December 13 2022
Is Singer a Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine?

By: GoldStar Tool

Singer has been in business for more than a century and offers a huge range of sewing machines to choose from, which makes finding the best model for you an easy process.

December 06 2022
Choosing the Best Foot Pedal for Your Sewing Machine

By: GoldStar Tool

New sewers can be intimidated by presser feet, which are sewing machine attachments that help to achieve specific details of their projects much more neatly and efficiently than they would be able to do by hand.