Craft Project Supplies

Beginner's Hand Sewing and Sewing Machine Kit
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Westcott 8" Long Nose Craft Pliers
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Westcott Compound Action Pliers
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Westcott Craft End Nipper #16700
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Westcott ProjectMate Multi-Purpose Staple Gun
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Pliers and Craft Supplies

No craft supply kit is complete without the perfect pair of pliers. Pliers come in handy for making jewelry and dealing with any type of wiring in a project. If you are in need of pliers, GoldStar Tool has you covered.

Plier Supplies

Snipe Nose Pliers: Also known as long nose pliers or chain nose pliers, these are here to get into the small jump rings, shaping wires, and holding small items while you are working. They have small, tapered noses to get into those super small, awkward spaces. If you need to crimp a wire, small nose pliers are the supply for you!

Compound Action Pliers: These pliers will help you cut and bend wires with ease. They are used to make wired ornaments or jewelry/beading projects. They are extremely durable and can be used for light upholstery, signs, crafts, or in place of scissors when you need some extra strength to cut through.

End Nipper Pliers: If you are looking for the perfect pliers for your floral crafts, these are your item! They are ideal for cutting soft wires or pulling brad nails. If you want, you can also use these for your jewelry or beading projects. These are more of a medium-duty, they can cut through layers of papers, foams, or poster boards.