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Clothing Labels

At GoldStar Tool, we provide our customers with high-quality clothing labels that you can add to any piece of clothing or item you’ve created. With our products, you can provide all the necessary information about each article of clothing to your buyers.

Continue reading below to find out what information labels tell your customer and how it can persuade someone to choose your product...

Faux Leather Sewing Project Labels
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Sew-In Printed Fabric Care "100% Cotton - MADE IN U.S.A." Size Clothing Labels
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Sew-In Printed Fabric Care "100% Polyester - MADE IN U.S.A." Size Clothing Labels
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100% Woven Cotton Sew-In "MADE IN USA" Size Labels
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Woven Sew-In "MADE IN THE USA" Flag Clothing Labels
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Made in USA Sew-on Clothing Labels
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Woven Taffeta Garment Project Size Labels
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Clothing labels are the signatures of the sewing world. Not only do clothing labels give a sense of identity to your garments, but it also allows you to tell your recipients how to take care of the garments. No matter if you made a scarf for your niece or you own an Etsy shop where you sell clothes, you will want to label your clothes. 

Labels might not always tell the entire story, but they represent the connections between the farmer who grew the cotton, to the person who spun the threads, to the person who sewed the threads together, and lastly, the person who was given the item or bought it. 

Proper care for the garment that you created is essential. No matter if you put it on the back of the garment or at the bottom, knowing how to care for each specific garment is the only way to ensure the longevity of your clothes. If something isn’t machine washable, how will the consumer know that? What if the material isn’t meant to be dry cleaned? Or put in the dryer? Then you will have unhappy customers who are likely to buy their clothes from elsewhere.

Why Your Clothing Items Need Labels

With each of our clothing labels, we provide different information to your customers as they are browsing your items. As a customer shops, there may be pieces of information they will need to know about the garments, such as the size, how to care for it, and perhaps where it was made.

Some clothing labels may even draw more customers to a particular item and be the deciding factor in a purchase. For example, adding a label that shows your product was “Made in the USA” or “Handmade” helps to set it apart from other items that may be similar.

With a simple small-sized label from GoldStar Tool, you can inform a customer about various essential details, including:

Label Size

This clothing label shows a customer the measurements of the article of clothing they hold in their hands. You may combine the size and care information for a single label or use two separate ones for each. Either way, the size label is made from enduring fabric and is typically found at the back of the clothing article.

Label Care

Your customers can find washing instructions on the care label. They are located in the side seam of the clothes or on the back of the clothing article.

Special Labels

Say you want to draw a buyer’s eye to the main feature of a garment. The clothing labels you use for this purpose is a special one. Two examples of the messages they display include “Made in the USA” or “Handmade.” This can help your item stand out.

Mixed Data on Clothing Labels

Some clothing labels can even provide a combination of the above information, making it easy to include all the information you want in a single place.

Get Your Clothing Labels from GoldStar Tool

Once you’ve finished your clothing item, don’t forget to add your label! Your clothing labels will help you keep your inventory organized and provide any necessary information your customer may need about each garment.

GoldStar Tool offers you a variety of clothing labels. Each label can be used for different areas of the garment and can be easily sewn onto your garments. To promote your business, we offer leather labels that can be sewn on the back of jeans. The leather clothing labels have two options for a message: “handmade” or “Made in the USA.” Both are sold in quantities of 100 or 1,000. There are two options for cotton and one for woven taffeta. 

Your garments are a piece of your brand. They allow you to tell your story and give your customers a sense of who you are. Don’t forget the clothing labels when finishing up your pieces. If you have any questions about our clothing labels, feel free to contact us