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Dress & Body Forms

Dress forms are an essential part of your design studio or toolkit. Your patterns need to be accurate and oftentimes replicable, and only a stellar and exact dress form can assist with that. Seeing a beautiful dress form in your studio can inspire your designs or serve as a backdrop for your editorial shoots.

We carry a diverse collection of dress forms for women, men and children, as well as full-figured forms, maternity forms, small-scale dress forms, and partial forms such as arms only.

Adjustable Dress Form
Our Price: $109.99   Market Price: $215.26
Save: $105.27 per unit
Dress Form Maternity Pillow
Our Price: $39.50  
Family Professional Dress Forms
Our Price: $299.99   Market Price: $499.99
Save: $200.00 per unit
Girls Full Form (613A)
Our Price: $660.00