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Singer Sewing Machines

Singer sewing machines have been around since the 1850s. Over the years, Singer has become popular and a household name. They were known as some of the first sewing machines that were small enough to fit into homes and have personal use rather than industrial use. During its 110 years, they have pioneered how sewing machines are made. From the USA to Russia, Singer sewing machines are revolutionizing the industry.

Compact Portable Sewing Machine - Family Sew #FS-30H
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Singer C5200 Sewing Machine
Our Price: $198.99  
Singer Confidence 7469Q Sewing and Quilting Machine
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Singer Promise™ II 1512 Sewing Machine
Our Price: $128.99  
Singer Heavy Duty 5511 Sewing Machine
Our Price: $178.99   Market Price: $489.99
Save: $311.00 per unit

Singer Sewing Machines

Computerized: Singer sewing machines are computerized with automatic stitch settings, control of your speed, etc. You can get stitch applications, built-in fonts, built-in thread cutters, LCD screens, different buttonhole styles, programmable needles, and more with these technological sewing machines. 

Mechanical: If you are more old fashioned, Singer sewing machines have options to have manual controls that can stand the test of time. There are still stitches set up to handle simple sewing and home projects, including alterations and more. The mechanical sewing machines can repair seams, have easy stitch selection, buttonhole options, and have quick threading guides. 

Quilting: Sometimes, you need a separate machine for all your quilting projects, and with all the extras included on these machines, how could you not grab one? These quitting machines have LCD screens, feed teeth that can be lowered, Fast Drop and Sew bobbins, stitch sequencing memory, and more. If quilting is a passion for you, you’d be doing a disservice by not owning one of these Singer sewing machines. 

No matter what your style is or what you're sewing, Singer has a sewing machine for you. They offer sewing machines for fashion and clothing, crafts, home decor, and even cosplay. Their sewing machines are set up to be specific to your crafting topic and have mind-blowing settings that can make your project so much simpler. Check out the fantastic Singer sewing machines today. 

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