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Cloth And Fabric Cutting Machines

When your small textile business gets noticed, it gets bigger. More sales and more orders mean more cutting and sewing time in the shop. You don't have time for slow, inefficiency methods of laying out and cutting fabric—you need to get it done. It's time to up your game.

Regular fabric shears aren't working anymore. Too slow, too hard, too painful after a while. Automating your fabric handling goes a long way in speeding up your production. Make your next big purchase an upgrade to an electric rotary fabric cutter or a fabric cutting machine.

4" Electric Rotary Cutter with Easy Guide for Fabric & More
Our Price: $199.99   Market Price: $299.99
Save: $100.00 per unit
5" High Speed, Straight Knife Fabric Cutting Machine
Our Price: $499.99   Market Price: $825.60
Save: $325.61 per unit
5" Straight Fabric Cutting Machine With 96" Rail
Our Price: $1299.99   Market Price: $1600.00
Save: $300.01 per unit
Blue Streak II® Model 629 Cutting Machine 110 Volt - 1 Phase - 60 Cycle
Our Price: $2545.00  
Blue Streak II® Model 629 Cutting Machine 220 Volt - 3 Phase - 60 Cycle
Our Price: $2770.00  
Blue Streak II® Model 629 Dual Speed Cutting Machine 110 Volt - 1 Phase - 60 Cycle
Our Price: $2945.00  
Cloth Spreader Manual Expandable MADE IN USA
Our Price: $1299.99   Market Price: $1800.00
Save: $500.01 per unit
Cold Auto Cutting Machine - Jema #JM-110L
Our Price: $1499.99  
Cordless Rechargeable Rotary Fabric Cutter (EC-360, MB-360)
Our Price: $349.99   Market Price: $526.00
Save: $176.01 per unit
Eastman Cardinal® Series Round Knives Model 548
Our Price: $2299.99  
Eastman CD3 Cloth Drill Marker
Our Price: $1844.00  
Eastman CD3H Hot Cloth Drill
Our Price: $2009.00  
Eastman Chickadee Model D2 Rotary Shear
Our Price: $399.99  
Eastman Chickadee Model D2 Rotary Shear with Long Handle 110v
Our Price: $699.00   Market Price: $999.99
Save: $300.99 per unit
End Cutter, Semi-Automatic Up To 96"
Our Price: $999.99   Market Price: $1399.99
Save: $400.00 per unit
Guide Rail For Manual Fabric Spreading Machines
Our Price: $34.99   Market Price: $36.00
Save: $1.01 per unit
Hot And Cold Auto Cutting Machine - Jema #JM-110LR
Our Price: $1699.99  
Micro-Top 3-1/2" Rotary Fabric Cutter (MB-90)
Our Price: $299.99   Market Price: $526.00
Save: $226.01 per unit
MINI Electric Rotary Cutter (2") - AllStar
Our Price: $169.99  
MINI Electric Rotary Cutter (2") with Long Handle
Our Price: $249.99   Market Price: $326.99
Save: $77.00 per unit
New Generation Electronic Hot Cutting Machine - Jema #JM-120EH
Our Price: $2499.99  
New Generation Penumatic Cutting Machine-Jema #JM-120PH
Our Price: $2449.99  
New Generation Pneumatic Electronic Hot Label Cutting Machine - Jema #JM-120EHS
Our Price: $3175.00  
New-Tech - High-Speed Straight Knife Fabric Cutting Machine
Our Price: $599.99  
New-Tech 3 Inch Electric Rotary Cutter
Our Price: $149.99   Market Price: $199.99
Save: $50.00 per unit
Table Top Fabric Roll Stand
Our Price: $469.99   Market Price: $826.00
Save: $356.01 per unit
Rechargeable Portable Fabric Cutting Shears #YJ-C1​
Our Price: $149.99  
Rechargeable Portable Fabric Rotary Cutter #YJ-C50
Our Price: $199.99  
Straight Fabric Cutting Knife - Consew #918
Our Price: $799.99  
Electric Fabric Rotary Shears - Micro-Top #MB110
Our Price: $399.99   Market Price: $626.00
Save: $226.01 per unit
Pinker Pinking Machine Hand Crank Fabric Leather Cutter
Our Price: $129.99   Market Price: $249.99
Save: $120.00 per unit

Why Buy A Fabric Cutting Machine?

Mechanized electric fabric cutting tools will change the way your business operates. Textile companies worldwide depend on electronic and automatic fabric cutting machines to keep their production going faster. These machines are used in a wide variety of factories, including apparel, leather, canvas, upholstery, and anywhere textiles are cut and stitched for sale. Faster, easier and more precise cutting means that your pieces are cut and made in less time. Improved output time means more happy customers wearing and using your company's products and designs.

Whether you choose rotary blade type or one with a straight knife, a fabric cutting machine makes clean, precise cuts safely, and without fraying the fabric. An industrial cloth cutting machine is the best way to ensure that each piece you create is cut to your exact design and specifications.

From straight continuous cuts to curved, intricate cuts, these cutting machines will help you can cut any fabric, from the finest silks to thick woolens. You'll have a much better level of control while cutting your fabric. The added control helps reduce fabric cutting mistakes, decrease wasted fabric, and improves the safety of your shop.

A cloth spreader allows you to spread the fabric flat on the table, and cut it perfectly without wrinkling.

As one of the leading suppliers of industrial sewing equipment, we understand the needs of garment, sewing and upholstery industries for high-quality fabric cutting equipment. At GoldStarTool, we provide small scale rotary cutters along with industrial cutting machines for larger applications and factory use. Our swatch and fabric cutting machines are built to last, and ergonomically designed for easy use over long periods. They are equipped with safety features for protecting the user from the blades and other potential hazards. They include mechanisms for self-sharpening and other maintenance needs. Our custom machines are all built to last and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Scaling up your business means cutting more fabric, faster. However, cutting more fabric every day is especially tricky with thicker fabrics like vinyl, denim, leather, upholstery, and sailcloth. Our fabric cutters are fast, efficient, and can handle multiple layers of any fabric or textile quickly and easily.

Handheld Fabric Cutting Machines

Are you cutting straight lines, or do your cuts involve curvatures or specific patterns? Home sewers, hobbyists and professionals alike will love our small, budget-priced handheld fabric cutters.

With small rotary blades for fast, precise fabric cuts, you'll spend less time cutting and more time stitching to fill your orders. They're sharp, powerful and as easy to use as a pen. Stack your fabric, plug them in, turn them on, and cut through as many as 20 layers of fabric at a time. They also cut through carpeting, leather, and other materials that scissors or shears won't work on, and a knife can damage. These small electric fabric cutters are priced under $300 but can make a big difference in your shop's everyday operations. They'll slice through all types of fabrics quickly, and cut down on your production time.

If you need something a little more powerful in a handheld, we also offer Eastman's mid-priced Chickadee. The Chickadee is smaller than the rest but offers a motor with 40% more power than similar models. The sharp, hexagonal blade cuts quickly and efficiently even around tight curves without fraying or damaging your fabric or other material. The lighter weight makes it easier on the operator and reduces fatigue.

Would a cordless electric fabric cutter work better for your shop? Ours can cut through fabric, carpet, leather, and more, up to ½ at a time. The 10-sided blade is self-sharpening and works along with a stationary carbide blade to give you quick, clean cuts anywhere you need them.

All of our handheld fabric cutting machines come with finger guards for safety. They also include an automatic grindstone to keep your blades sharp for a lot longer at the touch of a button. Auto-sharpening means less downtime for maintenance.

Circular Blade Electric Fabric Cutters

For a little more power and torque, our circular blade cutting machine models are a step up from the handheld fabric cutters. They look like the skill saws and circular saws carpenters and builders use. The motor sits atop the blade with the handle at an angle, offering cutting ease with clean cuts on nearly any type of fabric and thickness.

Instead of holding the cutter like an electric razor, these circular fabric cutters sit flat on a base plate and roll across the table with wheels underneath the plate. The plate slides under the fabric similar to a sewing machine, cleanly slicing the fabric. The result is a more controlled cut, whether straight or curved, with a larger volume of even the heaviest fabrics.

Goldstar Tool offers three models of circular blade cutters for industrial use. Choose from a 3½", 4", and 4½" blade sizes. All three are lightweight, easy to use, and priced under $500.

Our Circular Blade Cutter Models

Our 3½" model is designed to cut light and medium weight fabrics, in stacks up to ¾" thick, and uses either round or hexagonal blades. The base plate has two rollers to keep it moving on any table or surface without cutting anything but fabric.

Our 4" model is one of our most straightforward to use. It's also designed for light to medium weight fabrics and can cut through fabric stacks as much as 1½" thick. An octagonal blade coupled with carbide tipped and spring-loaded lower blade prevents the fabric from jamming the machine. Lightweight, it also has a built-in sharpening tool that will keep it running perfectly for a long time.

Our 4½" model is designed specifically for heavier-weight fabrics like canvas, tarp, leather, plastic, foam, carpet, and other non-apparel materials. The combination of semi-round, square and hexagon knives means that it will cut synthetics without fusing, and other fabrics without distortion. It's one of the most durable and most powerful cutting machines for heavier fabrics.

All three circular blade fabric cutters come with a finger safety guard. We also carry a full line of blades and replacement parts to keep your fabric cutting investment in top operating shape.

Straight Blade Industrial Fabric Cutters

Bigger freehand commercial straight knife fabric cutting machines come with 6", 8", and 10" blades, but they can cost into the thousands. Goldstar Tool offers straight blade fabric cutters for industrial use that provides the same power and functionality at a better price.

Our biggest New-Tech comes with your choice of 6", 8, or 10" blades to cut as much fabric as you need. This fabric cutting machine can cut any fabric you need, quickly and easily, from the thinnest apparel fabrics to thick items like ropes, vinyl, and other synthetics. Although it weighs in at 31 pounds, it uses the same bottom rolling plate assembly as our smaller circular bladed cutting machines with a self-sharpening function. The reverse presser foot holds the fabric in place while the blade quickly slices through it. You'll roll this cutter through stacks of fabric to your specifications.

Our 5" New-Tech fabric cutter gives you the same functionality in a smaller, easier-to-operate model at a better price than similar branded models. Weighing 20 pounds, it rolls on your table just like the larger model. It gives you the same fast cutting through a stack of fabric to ensure smooth, safe, and precise cutting for as much fabric as you need. Like the bigger fabric cutter, it utilizes the reverse presser foot to keep the fabric in place and includes the self-sharpening function.

For the straightest of cuts, our 5" straight blade end cutter is fitted with a guide rail that lets you make perfect cuts up to 96" (8 feet) in one swipe. Put your fabric over the rail, weight it on either side and slide the cutter through the fabric. You can cut as much as 4½" of fabric thickness at a time, in seconds, completely straight, as many times as you need to.

Other Fabric Cutting Tools

Your shop doesn't work with little pieces of cut fabric—you work with huge bolts and rolls every day. Managing and cutting large amounts of heavy fabric bolts can be difficult without the right tools. Fortunately, Goldstar Tools understands what you need in a large industrial sewing shop, and offers the tools to help make your entire production process quick, efficient, and give you the right cut every time.

Spreading out fabric can be time-consuming, depending on your set up and what kind of fabric you're working with. Our manual expandable cloth spreader machine can help you quickly handle bolted and rolled fabrics from 48" to 72" in width, up to 26" around. Load up your roll, pull the fabric under the bar, and walk back and forth to spread your fabric as needed. You can cut each length of fabric the way you need it or keep unrolling until the roll is spread out completely.  (The guide rail is sold separately.)

Add our exclusive semi-automatic end cutter to your cutting table along with the cloth spreader, and you can cut up to 96" of fabric quickly and efficiently to size or spec. This end cutter also includes a function for cutting and stacking. An automatic return on the machine head makes operation even faster once it's set up on your cutting table and can be operable by one person.

Our Modular Production Cutting Table is also a great addition and can expand as long as 78". (A rail for the spreading machine is optional.)

Cutting Machine Spare Parts

Over time, parts can wear out. Daily use of your fabric cutting tools may require more frequent replacement of essential components like blades and sharpening stones. Goldstar Tool carries a full line of spare parts and consumables your fabric cutting machines need.

We carry parts for nearly any brand of machine you have. Our extensive range of parts include:

  • Blades
  • Belts
  • Springs
  • Switches
  • Ball bearings
  • Handles
  • Knife guards
  • Sharpening stones and spindles
  • Sockets
  • Presser feet
  • Nuts, bolts, washers, pins, and screws
  • Base plates
  • Additional add-on accessories

These parts are made and engineered to keep your cloth cutting tools and machines in top condition for the demands of continuous daily use.

Don't let a cutting machine breakdown stop your company's production. Goldstar Tool can help you get your industrial fabric cutting machine back up and running. You'll get the most out of your fabric cutting investment, and keep it working for you for many years to come.

Goldstar Tool Offers The Best Fabric AND Cloth Cutting Machines Available

Are you ready for an improvement in production? You can see some of our fabric cutting machines in action on our webpages and at our YouTube channel.

Speed up your company's textile cutting with an investment in machines that make it as fast as your sewing machines. We offer some of the best pricing for the best fabric cutting machines and tools your company needs.

Contact Goldstar Tool today. Our trained staff is ready to resolve your questions and help you find the right fabric cutting machine for all of your professional or industrial sewing needs.