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Coupon and Sale Pricing Restrictions

Several factors may restrict certain products from being discounted by promotional coupons, special promotions or even online sale. Below is a list of these factors as well as a list of products and brands that these may apply to.

Local-Only Products

Some products may be exclusively sold at local dealer brick and mortar stores. This is done to help support and protect your local  brick and mortar stores. While we do list these products on our website, this is mainly to provide you with research information while you are shopping for your next machine. However, we cannot disclose pricing for such products and you will have to purchase directly from one of our brick and mortar locations in Los Angeles, CA.

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)

MAP pricing is a commonly applied pricing restriction that is set by the manufacturer. These products can not be discounted below the set price.

Industrial Machines

Due to the high cost of shipping assembled industrial machines with a table and motor coupons may not be applied.