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Sewing Projects

If you are considering any sewing project, you are going to have to go through a list of supplies that you will need to complete the project. Sometimes, when you think you’ve gotten all of your supplies, you’ll get to your instructions and realize you forgot the most important item.

We have all you need on one page for any sewing project that you could even imagine. We conveniently made a page with all of our materials including supplies for face mask and shield, bag and purse making, drapery and curtain, corset and bra making, dress and body forms, hook and loop, vinyl, mending and repair, canvas, elastic, neoprene scuba, fabric stabilizers and foundations, and even sewing and student kits.

Face Mask and Shield Supplies: If you’re opting to make more comfortable masks for you and your family, or trying to get face masks and shields on your inventory for your store, you can find everything you will need to make the best and most comfortable masks out there on our website. 

Bag and Purse Making: Making bags and purses is a passion and a great way to personalize your closet. If you’re struggling to find pieces for your collection that are different, yet perfect for any style, look no further, GoldStar Tool has the ideal parts for your kit.

Drapery and Curtains: No matter what supplies you might need to complete your curtains for your new - or old home, you can find what you need on with us at GoldStar Tool. Don’t put off this project any longer and head to our drapery and curtains page for more details.

Corset and Bra Making: If you enjoy creating bras and corsets, or you sell them at your business, GoldStar Tool is your one-stop shop to grab any material needed. From so-slip bra strap clips to lingerie/bridal function dress forms, we have it all. 

Dress and Body Forms: Whether you’re in the fashion industry or just enjoy making clothes for others, you know how important it is to have body forms to work on. We provide you with 31 choices for any project. We have professional dressmaker forms with hips and forms for pregnant women.

Hook and Loop: Why use a button or zipper when you could have a hook and loop? We offer adhesive hook and loop, sew on hook and loop in a multitude of colors. It can be sold in large quantities as well as smaller quantities. 

Vinyl: Vinyl changed the way upholstery is done. We offer crocodile faux leather vinyl and marine vinyl, both in an array of colors, making it easy for you to find the kind that you need for any project.

Mending and Repair: Although we try to make every project perfect, accidents happen! This page is made for any stain, hole, or rips in any sewing project you might have.

Canvas: We offer 60” of Waterproof Canvas Fabric that is UV resistant and great for indoor and outdoor use! It also comes in eight beautiful colors for you to choose from.

Elastic: Everyone knows you should stretch before you workout, but did you know that your clothes also need to stretch? Grab some elastic to help with your fashion sewing project today.

Neoprene Scuba: You aren’t making scuba diver suits? Well, we still carry the material for the amazing characteristics it adds to any fashion project.

Fabric Stabilizers: Fabric foundations and stabilizers are essential for sewers. We have all kinds of stabilizers and foundations to help you get your project done correctly.

Sewing and Student Kits: We want to offer education to those who need a little more guidance or for those who just want to learn about the sewing industry. Get your books and kits from all different authors here at GoldStar Tool.