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Consew Sewing Machines And Consew Sewing Machine Products

If you are an experienced sewer, you know that sewing machines are not all the same. If you ever used a Consew machine, you know that they are in a category of their own. 

Some sewing machines are made for beginners and anyone who didn’t master sewing in home-ec class. Some machines are for people who enjoy sewing clothes, quilts or other crafts whenever they can. While a smaller percentage of machines are for kids learning to sew for the first time. There are other, more complex machines made for people who sew all, every day, seven days a week, and sew for a living.


If you’re someone who has a business and creates heavy-duty textile projects like:

A Consew industrial sewing machine is just what you need to keep your business humming.

For nearly 100 years, Consew has produced the best American-designed industrial machines available. Consew’s machines are durable, adaptable and built to stand up to hours and hours of continuous, hard use. The result is a time-tested brand that has proven to be reliable and give sewers consistent results and ease of use.

Beginners and home hobbyists have a wide range of machines to choose from when it comes to Consew Machines. For the beginner, there is a myriad of machines from under $100 to over $1,000, with varying quality, that you can start with and use to learn necessary sewing skills.

However, when you’ve started making sewing your job, your livelihood and your everyday life, you need equipment that will sew nearly anything you throw at it, and make sure it comes out the way you intended. That’s where a Consew industrial sewing machine will make your life easier and make sure your business never misses a stitch.

Several benefits of Buying Consew Machines:

Consew Machines for Sale

Goldstar Tool carries Consew’s most popular and best-selling industrial machines:

The Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Upholstery Industrial Sewing Machine

This comes with a table and servo motor. It’s loved by both home sewers and industrial shops and made to handle fabric both light and heavyweight for a wide range of applications and projects. Designed primarily for upholstery work, this machine sews a wide range of fabric, including upholstery, canvas, leather, vinyl, and coated fabrics, it’s the one machine that can take care of everything you do. The 206RB-5 machine also features:

Consew’s 2206RB-14-7-DD Direct Drive Machine

This heavy-duty industrial machine is a single needle triple feed with a compound feed walking foot and built for professional sewers who need a more substantial machine for projects. The 2206RB can handle multiple layers of some of your heaviest fabrics with ease due to a built-in walking foot. The 2206-RB also features:

Goldstar Tool Is Your Consew Headquarters

Are you thinking about replacing or upgrading your current sewing-room equipment, or ready to buy a new Consew? Contact Goldstar Tool today our experienced staff is prepared to answer your questions and help you find the right Consew machine for all your professional sewing needs.