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Consew Sewing Machines

If you are an experienced sewer, you know that sewing machines are not all the same. If you ever used a Consew sewing machine, you know that they are in a category of their own. 

Some sewing machines are made for beginners and anyone who didn’t master sewing in home-ec class. Some machines are for people who enjoy sewing clothes, quilts or other crafts whenever they can. While a smaller percentage of sewing machines are for kids learning to sew for the first time. There are other, more complex, sewing machines made for people who sew all, every day, seven days a week, and sew for a living.

Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Upholstery Industrial Sewing Machine With Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $1289.99   Market Price: $1699.99
Save: $410.00 per unit
Consew DCS-S4 Skiving Machine With Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $1149.00   Market Price: $1549.00
Save: $400.00 per unit

Consew Sewing Machines Questions & Answers

If you’re someone who has a business and creates heavy-duty textile projects like:

A Consew industrial sewing machine is just what you need to keep your business humming.

For nearly 100 years, Consew has produced the best American-designed industrial sewing machines available. Consew’s machines are durable, adaptable and built to stand up to hours and hours of continuous, hard use. The result is a time-tested brand that has proven to be reliable and give sewers consistent results and ease of use.

What Makes Consew Sewing Machines Amazing?

Beginners and home hobbyists have a wide range of sewing machines to choose from when it comes to Consew Machines. For the beginner, there is a myriad of machines from under $100 to over $1,000, with varying quality, that you can start with and use to learn necessary sewing skills.

However, when you’ve started making sewing your job, your livelihood and your everyday life, you need equipment that will sew nearly anything you throw at it, and make sure it comes out the way you intended. That’s where a Consew sewing machine will make your life easier and make sure your business never misses a stitch.

Several benefits of Buying Consew machines:

Consews Sewing Machines for Sale

Goldstar Tool carries Consew’s most popular and best-selling industrial sewing machines:

Leather Projects with Consew Machines

Consew’s DCS-S4 Skiving machine with table and servo motor have the same high quality as Consew’s sewing machines. It removes the backing and/or edging off leather pieces for bags, shoes, luggage and other goods, making them easier to manipulate and sew. This machine makes skiving faster, cleaner and easier, giving you more ease with leather projects. You’ll learn to love your leather. This machine includes:

These straight-stitch machines are easy to use, even for a beginner, and are designed to run almost continually. They’re also built to give the owner many years of dependable, long-term use. Consew’s professional, industrial-built sewing machines are also more affordable than other brands of machines in its class.

The Walking Foot

A walking foot sewing machine doubles the amount of pressure exerted on a piece of fabric while holding down the top part of the fabrics you’re sewing with. The pressure is generally equal to the feed dogs on the bottom. The walking foot gently guides the fabric through the machine with even pressure, protecting the fabric from jams that can damage it. This dual action pressure ensures that whatever you’re sewing is stitched evenly, cleanly, and correctly every time. All you have to do is hold your fabric in place and start the engine.

A walking foot on a home sewing machine is usually an attachment and is commonly used for more substantial projects like jeans, jackets, and quilts. However, a walking foot in a professional sewing shop is essential for projects with extra thicknesses like leather, upholstery, and canvas.

The Need For (Sewing) Speed

Creating and sewing a big project takes time, but shouldn’t take too much time. Consew machines are made to be fast to help you and your employees get each piece finished quickly and professionally. With speeds of over 3,000 stitches per minute, you won’t have to worry about your machine being too slow for longer, larger seams that tend to take a substantial amount of time on a standard home sewing machine.

You can also choose to have a servo motor installed in your Consew. Servo motors are much faster, much quieter, more efficient, and use as much as 90% less energy than standard clutch motors. Servo motors are also radiate less heat than standard clutch motors, keeping your shop, factory or other sewing facility cooler and more comfortable for you and your employees while they work. The machine is much easier to use and control, letting you sew the distance, but with fewer mistakes. Once you set the speed, the motor will run at the same rate no matter how hard you press the pedal. Clutch motors aren’t as easy to control, and you may need to have a speed reducer installed on your machine.

Trust Consew For All Your Sewing Business’ Needs

Are you a car fan? West Coast Customs of Burbank uses Consew machines exclusively for their automotive customization that you’ve seen on their TV shows, including Street Customs and Pimp My Ride. For most of the automobile's leather upholstery, Consew is there to stitch everything for beautiful customization that’s always professional.

It’s not just a sewing machine. It’s an investment that will pay your business dividends from the first time you use it. Faster, stronger, durable and more efficient, Consew sewing machines. Companies around the world trust Consew for all of their sewing needs.

Assembled Or Unassembled Consew Sewing Machine?

Your Consew industrial sewing machine comes unassembled from the factory. However, if you’d prefer that we assemble your machine, we’ll be happy to do that. We charge a labor fee of $200 for assembly since it takes about 4 hours to put together. We ship an unassembled sewing machine via UPS, but we ship a completely assembled model on a pallet via truck.

Shipping is free if you’d like it sent to your commercial address. There is a surcharge of $100 to ship it to your home address.

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