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Scissors & Cutting Supplies

Of all the tools a sewing shop has, cutting is one of the most important. Maybe you don’t have a need for big electric cutting machines, or your products require the more careful cuts of scissors and shears.

The right tools will help you do the job better, faster, and more efficiently. Different types of projects require different types of cutting implements. Fortunately, Goldstar Tool has a variety of products to choose from that are ideal for whatever kinds of projects or products you or your company is making.

Read below to see how you should choose and care for your cutting tools.

45mm Heavy Duty Rotary Cutters - OLFA RTY-2/G
Our Price: $21.99  
45mm Replacement Blade - Kai #5045BL
Our Price: $7.59  
8" True Left Handed Dressmakers Shears - Kai
Our Price: $19.99  
Adjustable Guide-Arm -OLFA #03361
Our Price: $14.99  
American Safety Razor Blades 100 Pack
Our Price: $29.99  
Dritz 3 1/2" Stainless Steel Folding Scissors
Our Price: $6.99  
Fabric Rotary Cutting Blade 110MM - Strong H #KE148
Our Price: $29.99  
Golden Eagle Cordless Power Scissors
Our Price: $129.99  
Golden Eagle TC-801 Thread Clippers
Our Price: $2.99  
Golden Eagle TC-805B Thread Clipper - 12 pieces
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $5.00 per unit
Rotary Cutter 28mm - KAI #5028
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $5.00 per unit
Rotary Cutter 45mm - KAI #RX-45
Our Price: $19.99   Market Price: $25.99
Save: $6.00 per unit
Round 2" Diameter, 50mm Replacement Cutting Blade M702
Our Price: $19.99  
4 1/2" Blue Super Edge Thread Clippers - Mundial
Our Price: $9.99   Market Price: $26.00
Save: $16.01 per unit
4 1/4" Embroidery Scissors​ - Mundial
Our Price: $9.99  
4 1/4" Blue Super Edge Embroidery Scissors - Mundial
Our Price: $9.99   Market Price: $18.99
Save: $9.00 per unit
5" Blue Super Edge Hobby Scissors - Mundial
Our Price: $11.99  
6 1/2" Blue Super Edge Sewing Scissors - Mundial
Our Price: $14.99  
6" Blue Super Edge Hobby Scissors - Mundial
Our Price: $13.99  
7 1/2" Blue Super Edge Dressmaker Shears - Mundial
Our Price: $16.99  
8 1/2" Blue Super Edge Dressmaker Shears - Mundial
Our Price: $19.99  
9 1/2" Blue Super Edge Dressmaker Shears - Mundial
Our Price: $19.99  
9" Blue Super Edge Dressmaker Shears - Mundial
Our Price: $19.99  
Dressmaker Shears With Cushion Handle - Mundial
Our Price: $19.99  
12' Heavy Duty Professional Pattern Shears
Our Price: $44.99   Market Price: $68.00
Save: $23.01 per unit
4 1/4" Pocket Scissors
Our Price: $7.99  
45mm Handheld Titanium Bonded Rotary Cutter With Safety Shield - Westcott
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $36.85
Save: $21.86 per unit
5 1/2" All-Purpose Hobby Craft Scissors - Mundial
Our Price: $12.99  
6" Blunt Tip Pocket Scissors - Wiss
Our Price: $29.99  
7" Straight ​Titanium Bonded Scissors With Soft Grip Handles - Westcott
Our Price: $14.99  
8 1/2" Inlaid Industrial Shears - Wiss
Our Price: $29.99   Market Price: $37.58
Save: $7.59 per unit
8 1/4" Left-Handed All Purpose Scissors
Our Price: $9.99  
8" Red Dot Dressmaker Shears - Mundial
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $5.00 per unit
8' All Steel Dressmaker Shears​
Our Price: $19.99  
9" Heavy Duty Pinking Shears
Our Price: $29.99  
All-Purpose Rotary Cutter for Fabric Paper & Crafts
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $39.99
Save: $25.00 per unit
All-Purpose Titanium Shears with Ergonomic Handle
Our Price: $11.99  
Applique Scissors - Mundial
Our Price: $27.99   Market Price: $54.99
Save: $27.00 per unit
Curved Embroidery Scissors
Our Price: $6.99   Market Price: $9.99
Save: $3.00 per unit
Decorative Edge 45mm Rotary Cutter for Fabric, Paper & Crafts
Our Price: $9.99  
Dressmaker Right and Left Handed Shears - Mundial
Our Price: $24.99  
Gold Plated Bird Design Embroidery Scissors
Our Price: $6.99  
Gold Plated Embroidery Scissors
Our Price: $6.99  
Handle Casting Scissors
Our Price: $5.00  
Heavy Duty Industrial Shears - Wiss
Our Price: $44.99  
Industrial Bent Trimmers - Wiss
Our Price: $24.99  
Large "Stay-Set" Dressmaker Shears Mundial
Our Price: $39.99  
Laser Rolling Fabric/Paper or Carpet Cutter
Our Price: $19.95  
Leather Holster - Scissors, Shears & Pliers
Our Price: $9.99  
Pinking Shears With Soft Plastic Handle
Our Price: $24.99   Market Price: $39.99
Save: $15.00 per unit
Professional Quilters Scissors - Mundial
Our Price: $19.99  
Professional ​Tailor Shears - Touro Tesoura
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $35.00
Save: $20.01 per unit
Retractable Scissor/Tool Reel
Our Price: $3.99   Market Price: $9.99
Save: $6.00 per unit
Scissors And Blade Sharpener
Our Price: $9.99  
Teflon Coated Non-Stick Professional Tailor Shears - Touro Tesoura
Our Price: $26.99   Market Price: $45.00
Save: $18.01 per unit
WOLFF Industrial Twice As Sharp Scissor Sharpener
Our Price: $599.99  
​Breast Cancer Awareness All-Purpose Scissors Set​ - Mundial
Our Price: $29.99  
12 Pack Sharp Point Thread Snippers
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $5.00 per unit
4 1/2" Stainless Steel Thread Clips
Our Price: $12.99  
4 1/2" Straight Ball Bearing Thread Nippers - Touro-Tesoura
Our Price: $12.99  
4 3/4" Red Dot Thread Clippers - Mundial
Our Price: $11.99  
All Metal Spring Type Thread Clippers
Our Price: $1.99  
Thread Clippers With Finger Ring​
Our Price: $0.99  
28mm Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades
Our Price: $9.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $10.00 per unit
45mm Dritz Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades 5 Pack
Our Price: $19.99   Market Price: $29.99
Save: $10.00 per unit
45mm Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades 5 Pack​
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $5.00 per unit
60mm Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades 5 Pack
Our Price: $19.99   Market Price: $29.99
Save: $10.00 per unit
Self Healing Cutting Mats - Donwei
Our Price: $14.99  
45mm Titanium Violet Rotary Cutter - Westcott
Our Price: $14.99  

What Are Sewing Scissors Used For?

Fabric-specific scissors and shears are used for one thing: cutting fabric.

They should cut smoothly and cleanly and feel comfortable when you use them. You should always use the appropriate type of scissors and shears for your fabric if you want them to last and you want your fabric to cut cleanly.

Using your sewing scissors to cut anything but fabric is a quick way to ruin a good, and possibly expensive, pair of scissors. Keep them sheathed or otherwise properly stored when not in use and always use a different pair of scissors for paper and other non-fabric cutting applications.

Choosing the Right Scissors for Your Fabric

Different types of scissors have specific functions, such as spring-mounted thread clippers, which are perfect for opening buttonholes and snipping off thread ends in everyday sewing.

Dressmaker shears are designed to cut just about any type of fabric, from fine silks and cotton to the heaviest denim and leather. 

Synthetics tend to shred a little with dressmaker shears and standard fabric scissors, so serrated-edged scissors are a much better choice. These Mundial shears have cushioned handles and micro-serrated stainless steel edges that ensure clean cuts without slipping.

What to Look for In A Pair of Scissors or Shears

Of course, you want to look for a good quality brand. At Goldstar Tool, we carry brands like Mundial, Wescott, Wiss, and our own Goldstar brand of scissors. Scissors can be expensive, but price isn’t always a good indicator of how good they are. Just because they are pricey does not automatically make them good. Stainless steel forged blades are strong, sharp, and will last a long time.

When choosing a good pair of blades, you should ask yourself… Are they comfortable? If they don’t feel right when you’re cutting, they’re not right for you.

A good pair of shears should be sharp and cut cleanly through your fabric from the start to the end. Of course, with use, they may need sharpening, which should restore them to a like-new condition. However, if they don’t cut well when they’re new, sharpening really won’t help, and it may be time to invest in a better pair.

When you buy new shears or scissors, ask yourself… Is it the right type for your needs? Do you need a longer set of dressmaker shears, or would a pair of offset scissors work better? Will they cut thin fabrics as well as thicker fabrics, or do you need a separate pair for heavier materials?

Remember that a good pair of scissors is an investment, so put some thought into your choice and be sure to take care of them. Repeatedly buying inexpensive scissors that you throw away can add up to a costly expense. 

Types of Shears

Dressmaker shears are the most important scissors to have. Heavier than traditional scissors, they’re designed to cut fabrics of all types and typically do so very well. These Mundial shears are engineered for right-handed or left-handed users, and come in 6”, 7” and 8” models (including left-handed 8”.)

Our Goldstar brand 8-inch forged stainless steel shears cut the entire length of the blade, all the way to the tip.

If you prefer pinking shears, we have two types from the GoldStar line. Our heavy-duty shears have classic metal handles, and the other has cushioned plastic handles.

For the quilter, Mundial professional quilting scissors in either 5 ½,” 8 ½, or 9 ½” offer soft grip cushioned insert handles for comfort and extended use. 

Do you enjoy applique work? Our Mundial applique scissors help you make quick work of trimming around appliques, as well as evenly trimming

Are buttonholes your nemesis? Our exclusive buttonhole scissors have a screw that stops you from cutting through your carefully made buttonholes. Safer than regular scissors or a scalpel, the screw limits your cutting length, so you cut exactly the length you need.

Other Cutting Products

Keep your scissors handy with a leather belt/hip holster, animal print belt holster or a lanyard that hangs around your neck. These will keep your shears handy and always available.

Rotary cutters are a great way to do precise, fast cuts with ease. Goldstar Tool’s rotary cutters make fast work of whatever you need to cut. We also carry the replacement blades for all of our rotary cutting tools.

Straight paper cutting is fast and easy with Westcott Titanium Bonded Paper Trimmer. It trims up to ten sheets of paper quickly with a completely safe, no-touch covered blade assembly.

Caring for Your Shears and Scissors

Keeping Your Shears and Scissors in Tip Top Shape!

The first thing you should NEVER do is cut anything but fabric with your scissors and shears intended for fabrics. The second is to never cut into a pin or needle since it will damage them permanently.

When you’re finished using your shears, the best thing you can do is wipe the blades with a dry cloth to remove lint, threads, dust, and other small particles that can make them harder to use. Synthetic fibers can also dull the blades. Clean away the dry particles after every use.

Keep your shears and scissors working smoothly with a small drop of quality sewing machine oil in the fulcrum or the pivot screw. Carefully open and close them a few times (point down) to distribute the oil, and wipe them, spreading some of the remnant oil over the blades. You want to oil your scissors and shears about once a month, more if you use them daily. 

Of course, be careful not to drop them, or they could be damaged to the point of being unworkable.

Sharpening Your Shears and Scissors

When they just don’t cut like they used to, sharpening is a must to prevent damage to your fabrics.

You may have heard that cutting through aluminum foil steel wool and/or sandpaper as a way to quickly sharpen your dulled scissors. Despite their popularity, we don’t recommend these methods.

Think about it—if you shouldn’t use your sewing shears and scissors for paper and other things, or attempt to cut through a pin or needle, why would you use either of these to sharpen a blade? There are better ways to sharpen your shears at home or in your commercial shop.

Need something small and efficient to keep around? These handy Scissors And Blade Sharpeners are economical, convenient, and sharpen on the fly.

Our ExtremEdge V2 Knife and Shear Sharpener is a fast, easy way to sharpen non-serrated scissors and knives safely. The bottom section holds it in place for simple one-handed operation, and it’s sold for a reasonable price.

If you have more than a few pairs of scissors, sending them out for sharpening can shut down operations. Our Wolff Industrial Twice as Sharp Scissor Sharpening System is an investment that will save you and your workers time and money, and keep your scissor arsenal sharp and cutting perfectly every time. Priced at under $500, you can sharpen your tools in-house whenever you need to. Plus, it comes with instructions so that anyone can learn to use it for fast on-demand sharpening. 

Pinking shears, like our own soft-handled or heavy-duty shears, are best sharpened by a professional.

There’s no reason to keep working with dull scissors and shears. Get one of our exclusive sharpening tools today.

Why Shop Goldstar Tool for All Your Scissors and Cutting Needs?

The Only Source You Need

From the home hobbyist to commercial shops, factories, and studios, we have what you need for fast, effective, and accurate fabric cutting. At Goldstar Tool, you'll find scissors for dressmaking, pattern-cutting, pinking, embroidery, carpeting, upholstery and much more.

GoldStarTool.com is a fully licensed distributor of Wiss and Mundial quality scissors for home and professional use. We also carry our slightly more affordable proprietary brand of scissors through our Goldstar Tool line.

You can order all your scissors and cutters right here on our website. If you have questions, or need something specific, call us at 1.800.868.4419 or email us at sales@goldstartool.com. So, what are you waiting for? Start cutting!