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Self Healing Cutting Mats - Donwei

Self Healing Cutting Mats - Donwei

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Self Healing Cutting Mats - Donwei

Looking for cutting mats that are portable without sacrificing durability? Perfect for home or studio but they're also great on the go wherever you need a solid surface for cutting. Just roll it up and throw it in a bag.

Our cutting mats feature a 1" grid system for precise edges and dimensions as well as 30°, 45°, and 60° bias lines and an extra 45° line in reverse; you can cut the cleanest corners for whichever geographical shape you can imagine. Plus, the grid is rendered in contrasting green and yellow tones which makes measuring much more effortless visually.

Best of all, this is a self-healing mat. This means that it's made of a tough material that seals up right after cutting, leaving no marks. This extends the life of the cutting mats, the surface the mats protect, and even the sharpness of your rotary cutter or blade.

Available in multiple sizes.

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