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T27 By CASE 100% Polyester Thread (50 Cone)
T27 By CASE 100% Polyester Thread (50 Cone)
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T27 By CASE 100% Polyester Thread (50 Cone)

T27 By CASE 100% Polyester Thread (50 Cone)
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T27 By CASE 100% Polyester Thread (50 Cone)

Transform your sewing experience with the unparalleled quality of T27 by CASE's 100% Polyester Thread. Expertly engineered to empower your creativity, this 50-cone pack is the ultimate choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike who demand excellence and durability in their work.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Material: Each cone is spun from high-tenacity fibers, offering a robust thread resistant to breaking and fraying.
  • Versatility: Designed for light—and medium-weight fabrics, the T27 thread is your go-to for a variety of projects, from apparel to home décor.
  • Mildew Resistance: Say goodbye to unwanted mildew damage with this durable thread, ensuring long-lasting quality in all your creations.
  • Low Shrinkage: The low shrinkage factor of our thread significantly reduces seam puckering, maintaining the integrity of your work even after multiple washes.
  • Excellent Colorfastness: Preserve the vibrancy of your sewn items with our thread that promises to retain its color through wear and tear.
  • Ideal Elongation: With just the right amount of stretch, our thread absorbs sewing stresses, preventing snapping for a smooth sewing experience.
  • Sewing Machine Compatibility: Whether you're using a serger or a standard sewing machine at home or commercially, our T27 thread is crafted to work seamlessly. An adapter or spool stand may be needed on some home machines.
  • Generous Cone Size: Each case contains 50 cones, each boasting an impressive length of 12,000 yards. This makes it perfect for tackling large projects without the fear of running out. Available exclusively in Black and White.

The T27 by CASE 100% Polyester Thread is not just thread; it’s the lifeline to your textile craft. Upgrade to a thread that matches your passion, commitment, and expertise. Don't just sew—create masterpieces that last.

Invest in T27 by CASE—where every stitch counts.

12000 Yard cones are only available in Black and White.

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