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Fabric Stabilizers & Foundations

Fabric stabilizers and other types of fabric foundations are essential for any sewers. Here at GoldStar Tool, we supply sewers from all over with the stabilizers and foundations they need to get the project done. 

Discover the types of stabilizers and foundations we have below…

100% Cotton Heavy Weight Fusible Interfacing/Interlining 60" Wide
Our Price: $59.99  
100% Cotton Woven Interfacing /Interlining 43" Wide
Our Price: $59.99   Market Price: $99.99
Save: $40.00 per unit
60" Wide Lemon Yellow Vinyl Mesh Fabric
Our Price: $19.99   Market Price: $29.99
Save: $10.00 per unit
Full Spool Polyester Drawstring Cord
Our Price: $29.99  
Lightweight Non-Woven Fusible Interfacing/Interlining 100 Yard X 40" Wide
Our Price: $39.99  
Muslin Fabric 63" Wide
Our Price: $69.99  
Non-Woven Fusible Interfacing/Interlining 60" Wide
Our Price: $24.99  
Rigilene Boning
Our Price: $7.99  
Woven Tricot Fusible Interfacing/Interlining 60" Wide
Our Price: $31.00  
Woven Weft Fusible Interfacing/Interlining 60" Wide
Our Price: $49.99  
1/4" Uncovered Plastic Boning
Our Price: $9.99  
Boning End Caps
Our Price: $9.99  
Boning Tip Die Set 1/4" And 1/2"
Our Price: $44.99   Market Price: $59.99
Save: $15.00 per unit
Boning Tips Pack of 20
Our Price: $4.99  
Bra Underwire push-up
Our Price: $1.99  
Bra Underwire Strapless
Our Price: $1.99  
Continuous Spiral Steel Boning By Yard
Our Price: $2.99  
Corset Boning Cutter
Our Price: $39.99  
Standard Bra Underwire - Classic
Our Price: $2.99  
White Steel Boning By Yard
Our Price: $2.99   Market Price: $4.95
Save: $1.96 per unit
​1/2" ​Cotton Covered Plastic Boning
Our Price: $8.99  
Black Bra Back Closure Hook & Eye 2" Wide
Our Price: $1.99  
Bra Back Closure Hook And Eye 1-1/2" Wide
Our Price: $1.99  
Bra Back Closure Hook And Eye 1-3/16" Wide
Our Price: $1.99  
Clear Elastic - Silicone Elastin
Our Price: $4.99  
Hanger Tape
Our Price: $29.99  
Bias Tape Maker Kit
Our Price: $24.99   Market Price: $49.99
Save: $25.00 per unit
Sausage Bead Weighted Cord For Drapery
Our Price: $14.99  
Bias Tape Maker Assorted Sizes
Our Price: $9.99  
3-1/2" Multi Pleat Pleater Tape
Our Price: $6.99  
No-Sew Hem Tape
Our Price: $4.99  
Pleat Tape/Pencil Shirring for Draperies 3" BY YARD
Our Price: $4.99  

What are Fabric Stabilizers and Foundations? 

A fabric stabilizer, or backing, is used in sewing and machine embroidery to support fabric during the stitching process. By using a stabilizer, you can keep the fabric from puckering and stretching while stitching. 

There are many types of stabilizers out there, each one categorized by the method of its removal. The three most common types of stabilizers include:

  • Cut-Away - This is considered to be the most stable and can be used on any project. When in doubt, turn to a cut-away stabilizer. However, if you are stitching stretchy fabrics or knits, this is a must-use stabilizer. If you choose this style of stabilizer, you will cut away the product once your project is finished, leaving the stabilizer behind the stitching. 
  • Tear-Away - Tear away stabilizers allow you to remove the majority of the product once it is finished. It can be used on almost all projects and fabric types; however, if you are sewing on knits, stretchy or sheer fabrics, then you want to avoid this stabilizer.
  • Wash-Away - If you need to leave no trace of the stabilizer, use a wash-away. You want to use a wash-away stabilizer if you are dealing with lightweight fabrics, such as a sheer fabric. Avoid using it if your fabric cannot be washed. 

Choosing the right fabric stabilizer for your project depends on the weight of the fabric you are using. The weight of your stabilizer should match the weight of your fabric, or according to your fabric’s stitch count. The higher the stitch count of your fabric, the more weight you want in your stabilizer. 

Interfacing, Interlining, and Fabric

Interfacing and interlining are used to add support, structure, and stability to your fabrics and projects. 

While interfacing and interlining are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Here is the difference between the two so you know what is needed, so you get the results you want from your next project: 

Interfacing - Interfacing is used to help prevent your fabric from stretching while also adding structure. This is used on parts of the fabric that are visible, such as the collar, cuffs, waistbands, and other areas of your project that may need added support. Fusible interfacing is a popular choice, as it fuses to the fabric when you add steam or heat, making it easier to work with since it does not need to be stitched on.

Interlining - Interlining is when you add the product between fabric, either to help stabilize your project or to provide additional warmth. One good example is if you are making a coat. To add warmth, you would want to interline it with cotton, flannel, or polyester. 

Here at GoldStar Tool, we carry a variety of fabrics used for interfacing and interlining, including: 

  • 100% Cotton 
  • Muslin
  • Tear-Away 
  • Vinyl Mesh
  • Non-Woven Fusible Interfacing/Interlining
  • Woven Tricot Fusible Interfacing/Interlining


If you are making garments that need a solid structure, then boning is the fabric foundation you want to use.

Boning is used in garments that need to retain their shape and stay wrinkle-free. You are likely to use boning if you are constructing a corset, bra, strapless garment, or you need to create a stiff collar. 

At GoldStar Tool, we sell several types of boning, including: 

  • Rigilene Boning
  • White Steel Boning
  • Cotton Covered Plastic Boning
  • Plastic Boning
  • Steel Boning
  • And Underwire

We have all the boning supplies you need to create a garment that will keep its shape and structure. 

Corset and Bra

As mentioned above, if you are making a corset or bra, you will likely need special materials to complete your project and keep your fabric stable, so it keeps its shape. When it comes to bras and corsets, the stability of the garment determines how it is used, and the results the wearer will get while wearing it. This makes the stabilizing methods crucial in these projects. 

At GoldStar Tool, we don’t just provide the boning and underwire needed for creating these garments; we also provide the proper elastic, bias tape, and closures you will need to be sure your garments are high-quality and provide the wearer with the support they are looking for. 

Bias Tape

Bias tape is a narrow strip of fabric that is often used in seam binding and finishing raw edges. It is used to make a variety of projects to create cleaner edges, add decoration, or to strengthen the edge of a garment, giving it more support and helping it keep its overall structure. 

Stabilizers and Foundations in Home Decor

If you sew, chances are garments are not the only thing you are creating. Home decor items are also popular projects for sewers, from beginners to experts. If you are creating a home decor project, then you will probably need to use some type of stabilizer or foundation. 


Curtains are a common project for all levels of sewers. They are fun to make and allow you to add a personalized touch to any home. Whether you are making them for your own home or for a business, GoldStar Tool sells the items you need to get the project done. 

Here are some of the items we offer on our website that you will need if you are creating curtains: 

  • Drawstring Cord
  • Pleat Tape
  • No-Sew Hem Tape
  • Seam Binding


While cording can be used in garments, it is commonly used in home decor products, such as curtains and the seams of pillows, slipcovers, and cushions. By using cording in seems, your project keeps its shape with added structure, giving you a more finished and detailed result. 

Cording is also used to give a project a more aesthetic look and can be used as an added decorative detail to your project. 

GoldStar Tool Has All the Fabric Stabilizers and Foundations You Are Looking For!

No matter what type of project you are creating, if you need to provide additional support to your fabric, GoldStar Tool has the fabric stabilizers and foundations you need. Whether you are looking to support your stitching, give shape and structure to your garment, or add some extra detail to your project, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t see the stabilizer and fabric foundation you are looking for or have questions about one of our products? Contact us online or give us a call at 1.800.868.4419, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.