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Faux Crocodile Vinyl Leather Upholstery Fabric By The Yard
Our Price: $24.99   Market Price: $39.99
Save: $15.00 per unit
Marine Vinyl Upholstery Fabric 54" Wide
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $100.00
Save: $85.01 per unit

Vinyl is one of those products that is likely to scare someone who has never worked with it before. It is a fabric that most people stray away from, but it shouldn’t be. Vinyl was created by a German chemist in 1872. It was considered useless until it was considered a new and improved version of plasticized polyvinyl chloride. It was used as a shock absorber seal and was extremely popular during World War II for covering wires on Navy ships. This sparked interest in vinyl for commercial use. About 60% of vinyl is used by the construction industry today, but its use in fashion and packaging is relevant as well.

Vinyl is great for many reasons including being waterproof, weather-resistant, UV resistant, durable, strong, stretchable, easy to clean, resistant to abrasion, and fade resistant. Although these benefits apply to most vinyl fabric, each manufacturer can make it differently. Vinyl fabrics are usually put into groups based on what their intended uses are. 

We have decorative vinyl and marine vinyl. Decorative grade vinyl is used for home decor, handbags, and rainwear. This vinyl often imitates faux leather, crocodile, or snake-skin. It is considered low maintenance and extremely stylish. Marine vinyl is great for upholstery on boats, outdoor furniture, and even awnings. It can withstand any temperature change and weather conditions. It’s also great for hospitals. 

The Crocodile Vinyl Faux Leather is 100% OVC, 54” wide, and is 2 lbs per yard. You can use this for any type of fashion statement including belts, bags, wallets, gun cases, and holsters, bar, and restaurant seating, and even stadium and theatre seats. The use of this vinyl is endless. It even has a real leather feel with 10 different colors for your choosing. 

Our Marine Vinyl is a premium upholstery that is superior to most in its class. It is .95mm thick and has an abrasion rating of 100,000. It can also be used for shoe accessories, furniture, and headboard frames. It is anti-fungal, only cracks at -25 degrees Fahrenheit and sold in continuous yards. This vinyl is top of the line and should be considered for any upholstery project requiring marine vinyl.