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Hot Knives & Foam Cutters

A hot knife is a tool used to produce clean cuts on synthetic fabrics and materials, such as webbing and robe. These tools utilize high-heat to cut and seal the edges of the material as they go. Intended for cutting Styrofoam and EPS foam in both commercial and industrial, these are your best choices for fast, easy cutting of these types of materials.

Our Hot Wire CNC machines, Industrial Hot Knife foam cutting kits, Freehand Routers, and Bow Cutters can handle nearly any type of material you use, leaving clean, precise cuts.

Read below to learn more about the hot knife and foam cutting products we offer…

Consew - CFC Smooth Cut Foam & Rubber Cutting Blade Guide Column
Our Price: $89.99  
Consew - CFC Smooth Cut Foam & Rubber Cutting System
Our Price: $799.99  
Hot Wire Styrofoam Foam Cutting Machine
Our Price: $189.99   Market Price: $299.99
Save: $110.00 per unit
HSG-0 Heat Cutter
Our Price: $229.99  
HSGM Type R Heat Cutter Blade
Our Price: $54.99  
JM-120HX Hot Knife Cutter Bevel/Straight) Cutting Machine
Our Price: $2799.99  
JM-120L Cold Knife Cutter Cutting Machine
Our Price: $1999.00   Market Price: $2600.00
Save: $601.00 per unit
JM-120LR Auto-belt Loop Cutter (Cold & Hot) Cutting Machine
Our Price: $2399.00   Market Price: $2999.00
Save: $600.00 per unit
JM-130LR Heavy Duty Cool & Hot Knife Cutting Machine
Our Price: $6249.00  
JM-817 Belt Cutter (Cold & Hot) Cutting Machine
Our Price: $1199.99   Market Price: $1499.00
Save: $299.01 per unit
New-Tech HS-68 Hot Knife Cutter
Our Price: $129.99   Market Price: $199.99
Save: $70.00 per unit
New-Tech HS-68 Hot Knife R Blade
Our Price: $19.99   Market Price: $36.00
Save: $16.01 per unit
New-Tech HZ-1 Bench Mount Hot Knife Cutter
Our Price: $99.99   Market Price: $149.99
Save: $50.00 per unit
New-Tech HZ-10​ Replacement Blade
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $36.99
Save: $22.00 per unit
Sheffield H-2 Bench Mount Hot Knife Cutter Replacement Blade​
Our Price: $24.99   Market Price: $36.99
Save: $12.00 per unit
New-Tech HS-20 ​Hot Cutter 8" Blade
Our Price: $19.99   Market Price: $39.99
Save: $20.00 per unit

Hot Knives

Whether it’s high-density foam or Styrofoam, our hot knives will let you quickly and cleanly slice through the thickest pieces in seconds. The heat also seals off the edges, preventing waste and edge fraying.

We carry several hot knives, from the budget-friendly handhelds with R-blades to tabletop models that let you work hands-free. With a hot knife foam cutter, you can easily cut through materials such as:

  • Webbing
  • Elastic
  • Nylon-based fabrics like Spandex
  • Boning
  • Hook-and-loop tape
  • Nylon rope

Automatic Cutting Machines 

Swift and efficient repetitive cutting for projects like belts, belt loops, webbing, strip tapes, purse straps, plastic zippers, elastics, and other parts are easy with one of our tabletop automatic hot-knife cutting machines. Our affordable New Tech Electric Hot Knife gets the job done and is easy to use, making it the perfect hot knife.

If you are looking for a manual machine, the JM-817 Belt Cutter (Cold & Hot) Cutting Machine can cut up to 35 pieces per minute. Accurate and easy to operate, it works best on soft, lightweight materials.

If you need something faster, our electronic cutters can cut between 90 and 120 pieces per minute. You can set them and forget them using the automated control board to cut according to your specifications and let it run. The machine stores the program for each cut piece even when turned off so you can use it to cut additional pieces later. They’re easy to operate and have automatic shut-off when the fabric runs out.

Foam Cutting Tools

Larger pieces of foam and rubber can be difficult and time-consuming to cut without the right tools. By using a foam cutting machine can easily cut through these larger pieces. 

Consew’s CFC Smooth Cut Foam & Rubber Cutting System uses a columnar saw blade to cut your foam the way you need it. Order the correct size you need. You can also buy additional column blades in different sizes to accommodate whatever size foam you’re cutting.

Our tabletop Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine is a larger option for the bigger pieces. Faster than a hot knife, you can slice through and shape larger squares of foam and Styrofoam, as well as cut out shapes like circles.

Cloth Drills

Making a large number of holes quickly is a feat of engineering, and cloth drills get the job done with little effort.

Instead of heating the fabric, a cloth drill goes straight through a wide range of fabrics to mark a spot for:

  • Buttonholes
  • Pockets
  • Darts
  • Other markings or add-on spots

Both our models can drill holes through several layers of fabric quickly and easily. The telescoping drive shaft puts the holes right where they’re needed, every time. Each runs with a powerful AC motor.

Protection for Yourself and Your Shop When Using Hot Knives

While these cutters are fast and efficient, it’s also important to make sure your tables, work surfaces, and other shop furniture won’t be damaged by the high heat these machines produce. The same heat that makes quick work cutting through foam, nylon, and hook-and-loop tape can quickly do damage to your fixtures.

First—you can’t cut on a wood or plastic table. A plastic table will melt, and a wood table will be left with burn marks.

Second—the blades on all of these tools quickly turn red-hot, literally. Make sure that there are no children around who might find one of these items interesting. For the adults, make sure that anyone who uses them exercises extreme caution whenever they are plugged in.

Third—it’s a good idea to employ some eye, face, and hand protection when using these tools to protect users from burns and inhalation of smoke that some materials may produce when heat is applied. Our stainless steel mesh gloves are ideal for keeping hands safe.

Looking for Heat Cutting Tools? Goldstar Tool Has Just What You Need

From a bladed foam cutter to the latest in hot-wire cutting machines, Goldstar Tool offers a full line of tools to take care of every need, as well as spare parts like replacement blades.

When you need more than just scissors, visit our collection of heat and foam cutting tools and accessories right on our website. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, call us at 1-800-868-4419, contact us online or send us an email at sales@goldstartool.com. We can help you find the right tools to meet your needs.