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Sewing Machine Oil & Cleaning Tools

Whether you use your sewing machine for your business or your hobby, you know how important it is to take good care of it. Good regular maintenance is a vital part of protecting your investment.

Regularly maintenance includes cleaning and adding sewing machine oil as needed to prevent wear and damage to your machine and keep it running efficiently. Whatever type of machine you or your business uses, proper oiling and cleaning will keep your machine in top condition for years to come.

Read below to learn more about our sewing machine oil and cleaning tools...

Cloth Cutting Machine Oil (1 Pint)
Our Price: $24.99   Market Price: $49.99
Save: $25.00 per unit
IJOY Electronic Cleaning Wipes - 10 Packs (50 wipes per pack)
Our Price: $26.99  
Juki New Defrix Oil No. 1 #MDFRX1600C0
Our Price: $34.95  
Juki New Defrix Oil No. 18 #MML018900CA
Our Price: $39.99  
National Guard NG221 - Silicone
Our Price: $19.99  
National Guard NG623 - High Temp Mist Flash Adhesive​
Our Price: $12.99  
Nozzle for Professional Spot Cleaning Spray Gun
Our Price: $14.99  
Portable Electric Air Blower
Our Price: $54.99  
Professional Spot Cleaning Spray Gun With Adjustable Nozzle
Our Price: $59.99   Market Price: $99.99
Save: $40.00 per unit
Sewing Machine Oil (Clear White)
Our Price: $6.99  
Sewing Machine Oiler
Our Price: $3.99   Market Price: $6.89
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Solvent Jar #CM-20
Our Price: $19.99   Market Price: $32.35
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Sprayway SW050 - Glass Cleaner
Our Price: $12.99  
Sprayway SW945 - Silicone Spray
Our Price: $12.99  
Sprayway SW946 - Silicone Spray
Our Price: $19.99  
Sprayway SW955 - Anti-Static Spray
Our Price: $19.99  
Zoom Spout® Oiler (Sewing Machine Oil Oiler) 4oz. 1 Each
Our Price: $9.99  
Genuine Juki Defrix Sewing Machine Oil - 900ml
Our Price: $49.99  
National Guard NG1633 - Foam Lock Adhesive Spray
Our Price: $19.99  

Why You Need to Oil Your Sewing Machine

Your sewing machine has multiple moving parts that rub up against each other, generating heat and friction on each surface. Without regular oiling, these parts start scraping, and then they could start rusting, affecting the machine’s performance. Eventually, the motor seizes up and stops working, leading to expensive repairs.

Regularly adding sewing machine oil cuts down on friction, allowing parts to move smoothly and quietly, preventing rust. A little oil goes a long way in keeping your machine running smoothly and stitching as it’s designed.

How Often Should You Oil Your Sewing Machine?

A general rule is to oil your machine after 8 hours of use.

If you’re sewing daily, you may need to oil once a week or more. If you only sew once a week, monthly may suffice. If you’re only sewing once a month or so, a quarterly oiling may be all you need.

Your owner’s manual will have a guideline on oiling your machine and indicate whether it’s already been pre-lubricated and whether or not it should be oiled except at a repair shop.

How to Oil Your Machine

Start with your owner’s manual, which will describe the procedure for oiling the machine. You may need to remove the machine’s cover, throat plate, bobbin assembly, or other parts. Many machines have “oiling points,” small holes where you’ll add just a drop of oil in each space. Both industrial and domestic machines may have these oiling points.

Make sure to remove any dust, stray threads, and lint buildup before you start. 

Moving parts benefit from a touch of sewing machine oil—but not too much. Adding machine oil a drop in each place is ideal, to avoid an overload that will drip down onto your projects. Just add a bit of oil here and there to provide a protective shield in between moving metal parts.

If you have an industrial sewing machine with an oil pan, such as a Juki 8700, the oil’s delivery system is a cotton wick underneath that absorbs the oil in the pan and transfers it into the machine. For a machine that’s used for many hours on a daily basis, it’s vital to check this oil daily to both refill it and to check the consistency. Clear oil is fresh; any oil with any kind of color will need to be changed. 

What Kind of Sewing Machine Oil Should I Use?

Always use a sewing machine oil suitable for your machine. Your owner’s manual will tell you if you need a specific type.

GoldStar Tool offers:

WARNING: always use a product intended for sewing machines. Kitchen oils, WD40, and other lubricants will not work. These oils will gum up your machine’s insides and eventually ruin the machine entirely. Use oil that is made specifically for sewing machines.

If you’re not sure, contact your machine’s manufacturer, dealer, or contact us.

Cleaning Your Sewing Machine

Are you having trouble removing dust, lint, and stuck threads in your sewing machine? In addition to oils, we also carry sewing machine cleaning tools to help you clear out debris:

Along with proper oiling, these tools will help you keep your machines in great working condition for many years.

Why a Portable Electric Air Blower Makes Cleaning Your Sewing Machine Easy

A brush can remove lint and dust in the bobbin area and throughout the threading area. Unfortunately, lint and dust also travel throughout your machine and stick to places that are more difficult to access.

Wouldn’t it be great to blow everything out of your machine at once? Now you can.

Our Portable Electric Air Blower has a powerful fan that takes care of all the lint, dust, and loose thread pieces that may be stuck inside your machine or bobbin area quickly and efficiently.

To prevent particles from going further into your machine, angle the blower so that everything blows out and away from the machine, not into it.

You can also use this handy blower to clear off computer keyboards and other small surfaces where dust collects.

Handy Sewing Solutions Sold by GoldStar Tool

In addition to oils and tools to keep your machine running in optimal condition, we also carry other helpful products for your home or shop:

  • Glass Cleaner: For a quick, completely clean window, Sprayaway’s Glass Cleaner has a light, fresh scent that doesn’t leave a strong smell. It leaves behind clean, streak-free glass without leaving any blue coloring behind. There’s no ammonia, and it doesn’t run.
  • No-Fray Spray: Reduce your fabric waste by preventing unraveling, seam over-stitching, and seam failures. From heavy burlap and upholstery fabric to fine silk, Sprayaway’s No-Fray Spray keeps your fabric intact when it’s cut. Use wherever you need to keep fabric from falling apart.
  • Fusing Machine Cleaner: This special formula cleans your Teflon-coated iron soles and fusing belts. It effectively removes all contaminants and leftover adhesive residue. No need to stop working — you can clean the fusing belts without stopping the fusing operation, because it’s non-flammable.
  • Silicone Spray: We offer two types of this spray, one suitable for food processing factories and kitchens. Both types make fabrics and other items flow smoothly, stops sticking and squealing, and protects your equipment.
  • Anti-Static Spray: Prevent your workers from getting shocked and protect your delicate electronic equipment from static shocks with Sprayaway’s Anti-Static Spray. This professional-strength product is also great for removing static from fabrics and on surfaces that attract dust.
  • Boiler Aid: Our non-chromate treatment keeps your boiler in optimal condition. Using Boiler Aid regularly can help:
    • Remove sludge and scale, improving efficiency
    • Prevent surface pitting corrosion and corrosion damage on all metal surfaces inside
    • Eliminate surging and foaming
    • Control pH of boiler water
    • Promote even steaming
    • Decrease fuel consumption
    • Reduce boiler maintenance
    • Prolong boiler life

We also carry a wide variety of sewing machine essentials and retail supplies for both home and industrial machines, as well as other shop needs.

Let GoldStar Tool Help Keep Your Machines Clean and Oiled

Fabric and other stores may carry a few supplies, but we have the sewing machine oil you need, including synthetic. We also offer cleaning tools and supplies to make sure your machines run well, and your business is always clean and tidy.

Need help with a product we carry? Give us a call at 1-800-868-4419, email us at sales@goldstartool.com, or contact us online. We can answer all your questions and make sure you have the right oil, tools, and supplies for your machines.