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Mending and Repair

When your garment rips or becomes worn through, don’t just throw it out! Consider repairing it with one of the mending and repair tools we offer below.

5 in 1 Multifunctional Handy Tool
Our Price: $13.99  
Beacon Costume & Mask Glue 1-Ounce
Our Price: $9.99  
Dritz 26615 Latch Hook Tip Knit Picker, 3-Inch
Our Price: $3.99  
Dritz Care & Repair Thread Value Kit
Our Price: $3.99  
Fix it Fast Button Expanders (8 pc)
Our Price: $3.99  
No-Sew Hemming Kit by Dritz
Our Price: $4.99  
Sewing Kit - 3 Pack
Our Price: $4.99  
Twill Cotton Iron-On Patches by Dritz
Our Price: $2.99  
Dritz Denim Iron-On Patches (8 pack)
Our Price: $1.99   Market Price: $2.99
Save: $1.00 per unit
Household Repair Needle Kit for Mattress, Carpet, Upholstery & More (7 pc.)
Our Price: $2.99  
Household Repair Needles, Sewing Needles And Threader Set (27 pc)
Our Price: $3.99  

Mending Tools and Sewing Repair Kits

At GoldStar Tool, we offer a variety of garment repair products that help you patch up your favorite items. 

When most people rip their favorite clothing items, they simply throw it out, never expecting to be able to wear that item again. But, with the mending tools and sewing repair kits, you don't have to throw it away! Just patch it up and continue wearing as if nothing happened. 

Here are some items that GoldStar Tool carries to help you patch your garments, and other items that may rip or tear: 

Iron-on Patches - If you rip your favorite pair of jeans, or tear a hole in your jacket or shirt, you can easily mend it with an iron-on patch. These patches are great because they are easy to use and go on in minutes. Simply place the watch on over the rip and press it with your hot iron. 

Knit Picker - If you have snagged woven fabric, you can use the knit picker to pull the piece back through the wrong side of the fabric, making your favorite sweater look like new again.

Button Expander - Are your pants just a little too tight? Don't throw them out! Get a button expander to give yourself a little extra space. 

No-Sew Hemming Kit - Need to quickly hem clothing or other pieces of cloth? Don't have a sewing machine available? Don't worry! This small clothing repair kit will help you mend that hem without sewing. 

Liquid Glue - If you don't have a sewing machine handy, you can use liquid glue to mend your items and attach one piece of fabric to another. 

Dual Lint Roller - Quickly remove lint and other small fibers from your garments and items. 

Stain Remover - We've all been there. You spill something on your favorite shirt, and now it's stained. Instead of throwing it away, use a stain remover to get the stain out! Make your garments look like new again. 

Let GoldStar Tool Help You With Your Mending and Repair Needs

GoldStar Tool is here to help you save your garments by helping you mend and repair them. We have the tools that let you easily mend and fix any rip, tear or imperfection without the need for a sewing machine. 

If you don't have a sewing machine or need something handy for quick fixes that are easy, try one of the tools above. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact GoldStar Tool so we can help you locate it.