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Neoprene Scuba

50'' Neoprene Polyester Spandex Knit Fabric 2.5mm Sold By Yard
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Neoprene Fabric

Neoprene is a type of fabric that is typically used for wet suits. Although it got its reputation for wetsuits, Neoprene fabric can be used for a multitude of projects. It is usually made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex material. Neoprene fabric can withstand temperatures of -50 and 275 Fahrenheit.

Where Did Neoprene Fabric Come From?

Neoprene has been around since the 1930s and has more recently been involved in high fashion. The unusual fabric has many different properties that make it desirable, including being spill-proof, weather resistance, heat retention, good elasticity, chemically stable, tear endurance, oil protection, fireproof, can be glued or stitched, stretchy, it's inexpensive, UV resistant, and non-toxic.

With all of these amazing properties, what are the most common items to make out of Neoprene fabric besides wetsuits? Because of its ability to be water and heat proof, Neoprene fabric makes perfect bathing suits, gloves, and even sports bras and sportswear. It can also be used in the medical field for patient care. 

How Does Neoprene Fabric Work?

Although Neoprene fabric is useful for all of those projects, and more, you typically won't see it without other fabrics involved. Neoprene fabric usually lies between two different materials, serving as a barrier, which can be helpful if you're looking for a brighter or patterned fabric. Neoprene fabric comes in many colors, but not as many as other fabrics, and it doesn't always come in patterns. So no matter what bland color you chose, your project can come out beautifully no matter what!

What Products is Neoprene Fabric Used For?

Aside from a clothing perspective, Neoprene fabric can also be used for things such as hoses, seals, mouse pads,  phone cases, koozies, and lunch containers. It's so useful that the military used it for World War II, leaving none for the public! Around that time frame, the 1920s, rubber material was so popular that the cost went up significantly. This caused people to search for alternatives. Neoprene fabric has been used for almost a century, and we know why! It's so useful.

GoldStar Tool is Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Neoprene

If you're looking to get a perfect sweat-resistant fabric for a summer dress or even attempting to make your kids a new lunch bag, Neoprene fabric will be the (in between) fabric for you! Contact GoldStar Tool today if you have any questions!