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Storage Essentials

Clear Round Plastic Container
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Plastic Storage Box With Integrated Hanger
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25 Bobbin Organizer Box
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28 Bobbin Organizer Box with Fitted Foam
Our Price: $7.99  

Storage can be one of those pesky ad-ons to a sewing kit that you really just want to avoid buying. Although you might want to avoid grabbing those storage bins, it will only help you out in the long run. Everyone stores their inventory differently; however, everyone needs storage, and here’s why.

If you find yourself searching endlessly for that one thread that you have to use for this project, and you’ve searched everywhere, every nook and cranny of your craft room, and you just can’t find it, then you may need to invest in some storage. Instead of grabbing the forest green thread that wouldn’t make your design pop like the olive green that truly goes with the beige garment you were looking for, you could just grab your thread storage bin and quickly find the olive green and put it away easily. 

Another reason to grab some storage is for how easy it is to clean up once you are done with a project, or even when you want to put a project on hold. When you have all the compartments out in front of you, it is easier to throw them all back in their designated places, rather than throwing it all in a single bucket or even leaving it out.  

If we have convinced you to help yourself clean and find your items easier, check out our variety of storage essentials. We have everything from cone thread containers to compartment boxes for your marketing needs. Bobbin organizers and deluxe compartment boxes are also offered on our website. All containers are clear for you to find what you are looking for easily. They are also compact so that they can be put away in a closet or larger bin for that organized, clean look in your sewing room. 

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