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Retail Supplies

You’ve come to rely on Goldstar Tool for all your sewing machine, notions, and supply needs Need everyday supplies for your shop? We can help you with that!

Every store needs different things for everyday operations. Goldstar Tool is ready to help with a complete line of tags, pricing guns, clothing labels, fasteners, and other tagging supply items to price your items for sale, as well as cleaning supplies specific to the sewing trade.

Pricing Guns

When your products are ready for sale, it’s time to start tagging them. Goldstar Tool carries a full range of handheld pricing guns and tagging supplies to make it easy to price and tag any item. We offer our own line of manual price label guns for all your needs, starting at under $10 each.

You’ll need to answer just one question before you buy: What kind of fabric are you tagging? If you are tagging medium to heavy fabric, you will need to get one of our standard pricing guns. But if you’re handling lightweight, sheer fabrics like baby clothes, lingerie, and similar types, you’ll need one of our fine pricing guns. We carry the Avery Dennison brand and our own Goldstar brand of pricing guns, plus pricing gun kits in both fine and standard. Each kit comes with a pricing gun, extra needles, and 5,000 barbs. Additional barbs are available on the site, as well as V-hook fasteners used for hanging items.

Are you a quilter? Our own exclusive Micro-Stitch Fine Basting Gun is a price gun that is also the perfect little tool for basting quilts and making quick repairs on curtains and other textiles. It is light, easy to operate, and uses ¼” micro-fasteners that are easy to stitch over and remove later when you’re finished. You can order the micro-fasteners in black or white as well as additional needles when you order the basting gun on our website.

Pneumatic Tagging Machines

Are pricing guns too slow, or giving your hands a run for their money? Are your products heavier than most textiles, like leather or other dense materials? Our regular price tag guns may not be strong enough for tagging your product line.  An automatic price tagging machine with a pneumatic air compressor is the answer, so you can get more done faster and with less fatigue. These heavy-duty pricing and tagging tools help you and your employees finish tagging so you can get back to designing and creating more products.

Our Pneumatic Tagging Gun is a light, simple to use hand-held tagger that works quickly to tag towels, carpets, thick quilted items, heavy fabrics, and other difficult-to-tag items. Just put the needle through the tag, push it through the fabric, touch the trigger, and your product is tagged and ready to go. In seconds, your tag is added to the product without adhesives that may mar or damage the fabric. Higher volume tagging is faster and more efficient. 

Our exclusive foot-pedal activated pneumatic tagging machine makes a repetitive task go much faster. The TM-100 Extra Long Fine machine is a lightweight tabletop model that uses an air compressor. It’s easy to use and less laborious than a handheld. The TM-100 comes with a foot pedal, and works with needles 3” and up.

Goldstar’s TM-300 Pneumatic Tagging Machine is the fastest, most efficient way to add micro fasteners to any number of thicker fabrics, such as denim and leather. With a laser to pinpoint the correct position, the TM-300 puts microtags exactly where you need them. From tagging denim and towels to tagging socks and other textiles into packaging for sale to dry cleaning tags, the TM-300 is the best model for expediting your tagging operations.

All three pneumatic tagging machines come in either standard needle model for regular to heavy-duty fabric or the fine needle model for light, sheer fabrics. 


Goldstar Tool helps make pricing your products simple. We have a range of plastic fasteners for every type of fabric and project, from the standard T-type to colors with the “paddle end.”

When ordering fasteners, you’ll also need the right type. If your tagging gun or pneumatic tagging machine has a fine needle, you’ll only be able to use fine fasteners with it. A standard pricing gun or machine only uses standard fasteners. At Goldstar Tool, we also have a complete line of fasteners to use with our price guns and automatic tagging machines in a wide range of colors and lengths.

Our clear fasteners are available from ¼” to 3” in length. Small but strong, your tags and other sales packaging will stay in place along with your fabric, while avoiding needle marks. All the fasteners will also work with our sock hangers. Plus, we carry replacement needles for all our price guns and machines, both standard and fine.

We also stock pre-strung, two-part tags that you can quickly attach to your products, as well as two-part tags without strings.

Our numeric-only handheld labeling guns are under $20 and can make pricing faster and easier than manual tagging. If you need rolls of pricing labels, we ones that are compatible with our Goldstar labeling guns, as well as Motex in several colors. 

Our Printex consecutive label makers let you create your own labels, including repeated numbering and choice of size.

We also carry all the ink, labels, and other supplies to help you tag your products and get them out to your retailers as soon as possible.

For a quicker tagging option, try our Security Loop Lock Fasteners in three colors, our Nylon String Snap With Lock Pin in white, red and black, or our Clear Loop Ties in 5”, 7”, and 9” lengths. All are compatible with a range of attachable price tags. 

Clothing Labels

Sizing your clothes is easy with our array of clothing labels. Use a simple letter tag for your sizing, or sizing labels with care instructions for 100% cotton products.

Our labels can let the world know that your products are proudly "Made in the USA our exclusive non-woven labels. We also offer cotton twill sizing labels that indicate your products are USA-made.

Chemicals and Cleaning Supplies

We know that companies that work with textiles have specific needs for cleaning, and Goldstar Tool has everything you need. In addition to the sewing machine oils and bottles we carry, we also have machine oil for any type of cloth/fabric cutting machine you have.

Need to clear out the lint, thread, dust, and other things that your equipment collects? Our lightweight, portable electric air blower can clear everything out of your sewing machines, cutting machines, electronics, or anything else that attracts dust and lint. Plus, it’s small enough to carry around easily but powerful enough to blow leaves and cut grass away as well. 

Mishaps happen in the stitching process, but it’s not a problem. Our own 110v electric professional spot cleaning spray gun is a self-contained little powerhouse that is literally plug-and-play. Both the water pressure and spray width are adjustable with just a turn of a knob. You won’t need a compressor for this one, and the handle is all metal. The cleaning spray gun is designed for methylene chloride, perchloroethylene, and trichloroethylene solvents, but you can use anything from plain water to chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents or solvent blends. It’s an essential tool for dry cleaners, tailors, and seamstresses. We also carry the replacement nozzles and bottles if you ever need one. Want to see it in action? Watch the YouTube video and see how easy it is to use.

To keep your machines moving smoothly and prevent binding and stopping, we carry two types of silicone sprays that leave no greasy or oily film and stay dry. Both reduce downtime and make cleaning easier while reducing friction and corrosion.

Our fusion machine cleaner also clears away residue that collects on irons, pressers, belts, and other machinery, helping to keep equipment clean and production moving. Use with our Hot Surface Cleaning Mitt to keep your equipment shiny and working perfectly.

No Fray Spray prevents frayed edges, as well as over-edge stitching, reducing seam failure and waste. Use it when storing fabrics, too.

Keep your boiler in top shape with a gallon of our Boiler Aid. This treatment prevents corrosion, and pitting will reduce your boiler’s maintenance.

Feedrail & Electrorail Replacement Parts

Your shop needs a strong, movable power distribution system. These configurable electrical “trolley” systems are essential to keeping your shop running all the time without conventional wiring or cumbersome rewiring. They’re flexible, adaptable, and can be changed according to your needs. They keep power flowing to your facility without interruption and are adjustable as your needs change and you update your facility. Frequent or constant use can lead to the occasional part replacement, but don’t let that stop your company’s production line.

Goldstar Tool offers a complete line of replacement parts for your Feedrail and Electrorail systems. They’re easy to install, don’t require special tools, and you can add to or modify your system quickly. Many parts are simply “drop-ins” to get your system is back online. From couplings and retractable power cords to straight track parts for the FRS100 & FRS200 systems, we can help keep your facility’s power delivery system working at peak capacity for many years with little downtime.

Packaging & Safety Supplies

Shipping your finished products out to vendors is a job in and of itself. From various tapes to tape guns, heavy-duty staplers and staples, Goldstar Tool has a complete line of packing and safety supplies for your business.

To store your supplies neatly, our shelving unit is boltless and has low-profile shelving. It’s simple to assemble, and the particle board shelves are easily adjustable. The shelving is also accessible from all four sides and holds up to 200 pounds. Couple the shelving unit with our 3-roll horizontal dispensing rack for wrapping and shipping paper for an organized packing area.

Our box cutters, leather tool sheaths, and various types of tape keep tools handy and ready to open or closed boxes. If your business needs, we have the 24” foot-pedal operated heat sealer that will make the job faster and easier, along with plenty of supplies.

To protect your employees while handling heavy stapling, cutting or other jobs involving risk, we carry Whiting+ Davis stainless steel mesh gloves in both full-hand and 3-finger models with secure wrist strapping for a no-slip fit.  Add a back-support belt for under $20.00. If your pack/ship employees need a little dust protection, our protective dust masks are just $7.99 for a box of 50.

Trust Goldstar Tool

Since 1990, we’ve helped companies in the LA Fashion District with all their sewing and retail supplies, and we can help you too. From pricing guns to the electrical system in your facility, we have what you need to keep your business running.

Have questions? Contact Goldstar Tool today at 1-800-868-4419, online or by email at sales@goldstartool.com. Our well-trained staff is available to answer all of your questions and help you find the right supplies for pricing, tagging, cleaning, packing, and other retail necessities.