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If you are a sewer, you know that finding the right zipper for your project can be a real challenge. Here at GoldStar Tool, we carry a wide variety of zippers to match your needs, whether you are looking for a zipper for an individual project, or need to buy them wholesale to stock your business. Our zippers come in all colors and sizes, so you can always find the zipper you are looking for.

Our zippers are used in various types of projects, including garments, bags, purses, pillowcases, upholstery, and so much more.

#3 Invisible Nylon Coil Zippers
Our Price: $1.25   Market Price: $4.99
Save: $3.74 per unit
#3 Nylon Coil Zippers
Our Price: $1.00   Market Price: $2.26
Save: $1.26 per unit
#5 Black Nylon Coil Zippers With Ring Pull - 5"
Our Price: $4.99   Market Price: $32.45
Save: $27.46 per unit
#5 Brass Closed-End Jean Zipper -7"
Our Price: $2.99   Market Price: $9.99
Save: $7.00 per unit
Metal No-Locking Zipper Slider
Our Price: $2.99  
Nylon Coil Zipper By Yard
Our Price: $1.49  
Zipper Stopper Alloy Metal
Our Price: $0.49  
Zipper Top & Bottom Stopper Sets
Our Price: $3.99   Market Price: $10.00
Save: $6.01 per unit

Zippers From GoldStar Tool

Here at GoldStar Tool, we don't just supply you with different colors of zippers; we supply you with a variety of zippers and zipper supplies. Here are some of the zippers and supplies we carry: 

Nylon Coil Zippers - Our nylon coil zippers come in both visible and invisible styles. These zippers are made of nylon, polyester and plastic. Your visible nylon coil zippers are one of the most common zippers used by professionals and home sewers alike. The invisible nylon zipper allows you to hide the zipper and are commonly seen on dresses, skirts, and lady's pants.

Black Nylon Coil Zipper With Pull Ring - To make unzipping the zipper easier, and perhaps add extra detail to your project, we sell nylon coil zippers that include a pull ring. This zipper is great for bags, clothing for your pets, pouches, purses, wallets, jackets, and other types of garments. 

Brass Closed-End Jean Zipper - Need a zipper for thicker fabrics? This style zipper is great for jeans, bags, and any project that is requiring you to use a thick fabric. These zippers are sturdy and have a shiny finish to them. They also come with either brass or silver teeth and sliders. 

Zipper Sliders - These little non-locking zipper sliders are designed for use with nylon coil zippers in both size #3 and #5. These pulls allow you to easily unzip the zipper in one pull.

Nylon Coil Zipper by Yard - Not all zippers need to be the same length, and if you need a longer or shorter zipper, you may want to consider buying your zippers by the yard. This nylon coil zipper is sold by the yard so you can determine the exact length of zipper you need to complete your project. The zippers are fine-toothed coil zippers that are stronger, and more flexible than most other zippers. This type of zipper is perfect for furniture cushions, bags, and purses, or anywhere a small coil zipper is needed. 

Zipper Stopper - Use these zipper stoppers to stop your zipper from completely separating. Not only do these stoppers create an end for your zipper, but they also add a nice little detail to your project. 

Zipper Top and Bottom Stopper - If you are looking for a high-quality zipper stopper that doesn't stand out, our zipper top and bottom stoppers are designed to be used with nylon coil zippers and can be used with any #3 or #5 coil zippers. These stoppers are made of high-quality metal, so you don't have to worry about them rusting over time. These are commonly used to repair zippers on jeans and slacks, skirts, jackets, and purses.

Get Your Zipper Supplies from GoldStar Tool

At GoldStar Tool, we are proud to serve our customers with the best quality sewing supplies on the market. Whether you are looking for a new sewing machine, or just need something small like a new zipper, we've got you covered.

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us today and let our friendly staff help you get the right tools you're looking for.