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Drapery & Curtain

100% Polyester Anti-UV Drapery Header Tape
Our Price: $4.99   Market Price: $10.00
Save: $5.01 per unit
4 Prong Pinch Pleat Curtain Hooks 3" Long Neck
Our Price: $6.99  
4 Prong Pinch Pleat Curtain Hooks 3" Short Neck
Our Price: $9.99  
Curtain And Drapery Weights
Our Price: $8.99   Market Price: $15.99
Save: $7.00 per unit
Drapery Hooks 100 Pack
Our Price: $4.99  
#15 Heavy Duty Plastic Curtain / Drapery Grommets
Our Price: $0.69  
#15 Jumbo Curtain / Drapery Grommets
Our Price: $28.99  
3" Grommet-Eyelet Curtain Tape
Our Price: $7.99  
Flower Shape Plastic Curtain Grommet Covers
Our Price: $0.49   Market Price: $2.99
Save: $2.50 per unit
Large Curtain Grommets Size #12/12L (1-9/16")
Our Price: $9.99  
Large Curtain Grommets, Size #12 Square
Our Price: $7.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $12.00 per unit
Medium Curtain Grommets #8, #10
Our Price: $9.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $10.00 per unit
Plastic Faux Metal Drapery Grommet Covers
Our Price: $0.69   Market Price: $2.99
Save: $2.30 per unit
Sausage Bead Weighted Cord For Drapery
Our Price: $14.99  
3-1/2" Multi Pleat Pleater Tape
Our Price: $6.99  
No-Sew Hem Tape
Our Price: $4.99  
Pleat Tape/Pencil Shirring for Draperies 3" BY YARD
Our Price: $4.99  

Curtain and Drapery Supplies

Whether you’ve just purchased your first home, are remodeling your home, or you just want something new to spruce up that one room in your home, you know that drapery and curtains are an essential part of your decor. And if you’ve been searching for that perfect style, but can’t seem to find it anywhere, why not make your own? Once you have your favorite fabric, you will need a few more curtain and drapery supplies to perfect your room. 

Drapery Grommets

Grommets are essential curtain and drapery supplies. They are the metal holes that are pushed through your fabric in order to hang your drapes or curtains from a rod. They come in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Here at GoldStar Tool, we offer faux metal, real metal, plastic grommet covers, square grommets, and more. 

Grommet and Eyelet Machines 

Fabrics don’t tend to come with the holes for grommets pre-punched. Therefore, you will most likely have to do it yourself, and what better way to learn than with our adjustable grommet punch machine or our new tech electric curtain eyelet punch machine? These curtain and drapery supplies are easy to use and will have you punching grommet holes like a pro in no time!

Drapery/Pleat Curtain Hooks

 Drapery and pleat curtain hooks can be added to unpleated panels to give it that pleated look. Not only do they give a beautiful pleated look to a drape or curtain, but they also keep them steady along with a cord that is pulled through the cuff at the bottom. You can buy these curtain and drapery supplies in small packs of 20 or in large quantities of 1,000 or more. 

Pleat Tape/Pencil Shirrings

If you want something that is more reliable than hooks, try our pleat tape or pencil shirrings to give you that pleated look on non-pleated material. The cords make for easy pleating and are machine washable; however, they are not to be mistaken for the sausage bead weighted cord that goes at the bottom of the fabric. The pleat tape is going to be the best option for internal support of drapery, but either way, you are going to find the curtain and drapery supplies you need at GoldStar Tool.

No matter what curtain or drapery supplies you need for your project, or business, you can find it here on GoldStar Tool. And if you don’t see something in the color or quantity you desire, contact us with your inquiry.