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Grommets, Snaps & Tools

If you need to add reinforcement to holes punched into your fabric, grommets (also called  “eyelets”), can be used in a variety of crafts, signs, clothing, hats, curtains and more. 

How to apply an eyelet or grommet. How you apply a grommet really depends on your needs. While a hammer/anvil hand setter will do the trick for smaller projects, when your job becomes larger or you want more professional looking results, you'll probably want to consider our heavy-duty press machine with the appropriate die set. The most versatile option, our press machine works with dies and can apply not just grommets, but snaps, buttons, and rivets as well. It's like getting 10 machines in one. Are you looking for snaps, rivets or buttons? We have those also.

It can be hard to know whether you need an eyelet or grommet, or a snap or a fastener for your project, but GoldStar is here to help you. We offer all types of grommets, snaps and tools that you might need for your crafting project.

Grommet vs. Eyelet

An eyelet is a piece of metal that reinforces holes in fabric. They’re typically small and are generally more attractive. They can be used as decorations on projects, like stringing ribbons through them. Eyelets are not very strong though, they are more of an accessory than grommets.

Grommets are used for more heavy-duty fabrics than eyelets, but they are also used to reinforce a hole. They are used more for tarps and canvases. Grommets can even be used with wood pieces when wires are going through and need to be protected. 

Although the two are similar, they are also very different. Grommets have two pieces that you put together where eyelets have backings that you fold into the fabric. Grommets are also made from metal, plastic and rubber, whereas eyelets are strictly made from brass. Grommets can be put together using a heavy-duty press. 


Snaps can be tricky to use and apply onto different materials. It is a technique that is easy, once you’ve mastered it. You’ll need a hammer tool, pliers or a snap fastener to close the snaps, all which can be found on GoldStar Tool. You can find a vast range of snaps, from standard snaps to metal snaps to double cap snaps and even plastic snap buttons! No matter what you’re looking for you can find it conveniently on GoldStar Tool.


From children's clothes to heavy-duty work gear, snap fasteners are a huge part of bags, garments, and industrial application. Although they are an alternative to snaps and buttons, they can be just as decorative. There are thousands of different snaps and fasteners that can get the job done for any purse, coat, luggage, saddle, leash and more. Don’t miss out on our amazing array of fasteners.

Rivets and Jean Buttons

While rivets are more of a fashion accessory than jean buttons, they both can have multiple purposes. Rivers are small metal fasteners that are made of a head (the decorative top) and the nail (the back that holds it all together). Rivets can be used if a sewing machine can’t reinforce something completely, to secure two layers of fabric together or if you have extra thickness in your project. Rivets can be used for shoes, leather straps, attaching cotton or nylon to strapping projects, canvas items, upholstery or heavy clothing. 

Jeans are really just the grommets of it’s category. They do the same thing as rivets, just a bit stronger. Jeans can come in styles and finishes that are beautiful and different from rivets such as plain faces, round, donut tracks, star designs, text designs and donut tracks. 

No matter what your project calls for, you can find what you are looking for on GoldStar Tool.

Grommet Tools

Grommet tools are important for industrial use. There are many different ways to install grommets, but you want to make sure that you have the right tools. Knowing the difference between each tool is key to picking the right one for your project. Not only can these tools install grommets, but they can also be used to install eyelets, snaps, rivets, metal studs and rhinestones. 

They make installation easier and faster than a normal hammer or just your bare hands. Get yourself a new machine today and watch all the time and effort you will save! 

If you have any questions on any of the categories listed above, don’t hesitate to contact us!