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Sewing Books & Student Kits

A Guide to Pattern Making
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Basic Student Pattern Making Kit #1
Our Price: $32.99  
Student Pattern Making Kit #2 (Intermediate)
Our Price: $59.99  
Student Pattern Making Kit #3 (Complete)
Our Price: $119.99  
Grading Workbook - 2nd Ed
Our Price: $99.99  
A Guide to Fashion Sewing 5th Edition
Our Price: $149.99  
A Guide To Fashion Sewing 6th Ed
Our Price: $149.99  
Fashion Your Own Skirts
Our Price: $49.99  
The Art Of Fashion Draping
Our Price: $90.00  

Classes can be expensive and sometimes hard to keep up with for everyone. GoldStar Tool has created a way for even the most beginner-level crafter to get a project done with easy to read books and step by step guides on how to get a project done. Even if you are more advanced, but are looking for some fun guides for that fabric you've been putting off, you've ended up at the right place!

From custom dresses to styling your pants in fun new ways, GoldStar Tool has sewing books for everyone. Aside from the books, we also offer sewing skills on DVDs. No matter how you prefer to learn, we can help you. Whether you need some help with pattern making, beautifying your skirts, or even sketching, you can find it all right here on GoldStar Tool.

Grabbing a guide or two for your kit can sometimes be overlooked because you are so caught up in the specific tools. However, this can arguably be the most important tool on the list! How will you use those tools if you don't know how to put them together?

Not only do these books give you step-by-step and easy to read instructions, but you also get large helpful illustrations and how to style guides once you are finished putting the pieces together. A Guide to Fashion Sewing has more than 100 sewing methods and helps readers learn at their own pace for basic sewing skills and techniques such as seams, darts, bias binding, zipper, and garment assembly.

If you were looking for something more inclusive, check out our kits that include some starter items such as a clear French curve, tracing wheel, scissors, etc. There are three different kits with unique items in each. Don't pass up on these awesome books that will strengthen your skills!