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Alloy Buttons
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Brown With Design Resin Buttons
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Brown With Metal Center Finish Resin Buttons
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Buttons for Clothing, Crafts, Scrapbooking & More
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Coconut Buttons
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Resin Buttons (DS006)
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Stylized Resin Buttons
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White Resin Buttons
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White Resin Pearl Buttons
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Sewing Buttons

Buttons are so versatile in sewing. You can use them to make garments (decoration or to open/close a shirt/jacket/pants etc.) or you can use them to hook a purse together, or even just on the outside of any project you sew. Buttons can be used to close two pieces together, or just as a fun decoration to a project. 

How to Find the Right Buttons for Your Project

Sometimes when you are excited about a project, you forget all the tiny details that you normally would have thought through and planned out. Buttons are one topic that a lot of people forget about when sewing. 

What Fabric Are You Working With?

Fabrics are extremely important to keep in mind when choosing your buttons. There are different weights to consider when designing. If you have a heavy button on a lighter fabric, you could sabotage your final product by allowing the button to tear the fabric over time. You also have to have the correct size buttons for garments such as thick coats. A small button would easily rip because of the density of the fabric. It also could be hidden by the fabric and take away from the look you were going for.

What Kinds of Buttons Do You Need?

Flat Buttons: There are two types of flat buttons: two-hole buttons and four-hole buttons. Two-hole buttons are perfect for your light and medium weight fabrics. They are usually aligned with the edge of the fabric. Four-hole buttons are typically used for heavier fabrics, the extra holes provide support for the thread.

Shank Buttons: These buttons have holes or loops in the back that are used to attach the button to your fabric. If you are working with a heavier fabric, like a winter coat, you will want a shank button with a larger loop. These are also great for helping garments hang or drape better.

Mandarin Buttons: Also known as frogs, these buttons are great for when you don’t want to stitch a buttonhole. They are two “buttons” that are typically made of strong, metal, or plastic and have a knot on one side and a loop on the other.

GoldStar Tool Button Supplies

GoldStar Tool has everything you need for your next sewing project, including a wide variety of buttons! Don’t waste your time searching for the perfect buttons, let us help you! If you have any questions about our products, contact our customer service team. We look forward to helping you with any questions you may have.