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Buttons are so versatile in sewing. You can use them to make garments (decoration or to open/close a shirt/jacket/pants, etc.), or you can use them to hook a purse together or even just on the outside of any project you sew. Buttons can be used to close two pieces together or just as a fun decoration for a project.

A button can enhance the aesthetics of any sewing project. Their diverse shapes, sizes, and materials offer endless creative possibilities. For instance, vintage buttons with intricate designs can infuse a sense of nostalgia into a project, while large, statement buttons can become the focal point of a garment or accessory. By using buttons, you can repurpose and upcycle old clothing, giving them new life with a touch of ingenuity. With the ability to mix and match buttons with fabrics and stitches, sewing enthusiasts can unleash their imaginations and create unique masterpieces.

Alloy Buttons
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Buttons for Clothing, Crafts, Scrapbooking & More
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Coconut Buttons
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Polyester Sewing Snap Fastener Tape Ribbon 50 Yards
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Resin Buttons (DS006)
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Stylized Resin Buttons
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White Resin Buttons
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White Resin Pearl Buttons
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How to Find the Right Buttons for Your Project

Sometimes, when you are excited about a project, you forget all the tiny details that you normally would have thought through and planned out. Buttons are one topic that a lot of people forget about when sewing.

Buttons are often overlooked, yet they play a pivotal role both in functionality and aesthetics. Choosing the right buttons can transform a project from ordinary to extraordinary, ensuring it looks fantastic and flawlessly fulfills its purpose. Whether you're sewing for practicality or for personal expression, giving buttons the attention they deserve can make a big difference.

What Fabric Are You Working With?

Fabrics are extremely important to keep in mind when choosing your buttons. There are different weights to consider when designing. If you have a heavy button on a lighter fabric, you could sabotage your final product by allowing the button to tear the fabric over time. You must also have the correct size buttons for garments such as thick coats. A small button would easily rip because of the density of the fabric. It also could be hidden by the fabric and take away from the look you were going for.

What Kinds of Buttons Do You Need?

Flat Buttons

There are two types of flat buttons: two-hole buttons and four-hole buttons. Two-hole buttons are perfect for your light and medium-weight fabrics. They are usually aligned with the edge of the fabric. Four-hole buttons are typically used for heavier fabrics, and the extra holes support the thread.

Shank Buttons

These buttons have holes or loops in the back that are used to attach the button to your fabric. If you are working with a heavier fabric, like a winter coat, you will want a shank button with a larger loop. These are also great for helping garments hang or drape better.

Mandarin Buttons

Also known as frogs, these buttons are great when you don’t want to stitch a buttonhole. The two “buttons” are typically made of strong metal or plastic and have a knot on one side and a loop on the other.

Fabric Buttons

Fabric buttons add a touch of class and style to a project. In the garment industry, fabric buttons are sometimes known as “self-covered” buttons because they are usually covered in the same fabric as the rest of the garment.

Upholstery Buttons

Fabric buttons are also frequently used in upholstery. Because they are under a lot of pressure, professionals usually make upholstery buttons using a button press machine with cutters and dies.

Plastic Buttons

GoldStar Tool carries a wide range of plastic buttons, which you can purchase as sets, by color family, or in packs of mixed buttons. Use plastic buttons for clothing, scrapbooking, and various other crafting projects.

Metal Buttons

Buttons are made from many different types of metal, including brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloys. Metal buttons can be flat with 2 to 4 holes or shank buttons that are embossed, printed, or textured.

Plastic Snap Buttons

Plastic snap buttons are a type of fastener you can use instead of traditional buttons. They are easier to install and available in over 40 colors. GoldStar Tool carries a wide range of sizes, from standard 12 mm to extra large 20 mm snap buttons.

GoldStar Tool Button Supplies

With a vast and diverse selection of buttons, GoldStar Tool is your one-stop shop for all your sewing project needs. Spend less time sifting through multiple sources for the right buttons, and allow us to assist you in finding the perfect match. Our customer service team is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and is available to address any questions regarding our products. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced sewer or new to the craft; we are eager to provide expert guidance and support so that your creative journey is seamless and enjoyable. With our help, you can turn your sewing projects into masterpieces adorned with the perfect buttons.