Sewing Machine Motors & Tables

Industrial sewing machines are built to work hard, for long periods. In some cases, they work for many hours of straight sewing without a break. A good, well-made sewing machine motor and sewing table can do the job, stand up to the hard work, and last a long time.

After hundreds or thousands of hours, sewing machine motor may come to its end and burns out. Don’t buy a whole new sewing machine! The head is generally okay, it just needs a new motor. Fortunately, it’s easy and inexpensive to replace industrial sewing machine motors, and get your machine—and your investment—sewing again, for a lot less than buying a new sewing machine.

Automatic Foot Lifter Solenoid - JUKI #AK-85
Our Price: $189.99  
Complete Knee Lifter Set - JUKI #229-34251
Our Price: $29.99  
Flatbed Attachment Table for New-Tech GC-8B
Our Price: $150.00  
Knee Lifter Assembly - JUKI #B-3427-521-0A0
Our Price: $29.99  
Sewing Table Elastic Tension Bracket #S286​
Our Price: $13.30  
Table Hinge Plate - JUKI #202259
Our Price: $9.99  
Treadle Rod - JUKI #27640NS
Our Price: $13.49  
Brushless DC Servo Motor For Industrial Sewing Machines
Our Price: $169.99   Market Price: $199.99
Save: $30.00 per unit
KP Series Continuous Running Motors
Our Price: $199.99  
New-Tech 550w 110 Volt Industrial Sewing Machine Servo Motor
Our Price: $149.99  
Premium Heavy Duty Clutch Motor
Our Price: $249.99  
Adjustable K-Leg Table Frame Assembly
Our Price: $152.00   Market Price: $199.00
Save: $47.00 per unit
Adjustable T-Leg With Locking Caster Wheels Table Frame Assembly
Our Price: $199.99  
Universal Sewing Machine Table With K-Leg Assembly Frame
Our Price: $226.00   Market Price: $360.00
Save: $134.00 per unit
Industrial Sewing Machine Table Top
Our Price: $199.99   Market Price: $360.00
Save: $160.01 per unit
Industrial Sewing Machine Table With K-Leg Table Frame Assembly
Our Price: $249.99   Market Price: $360.00
Save: $110.01 per unit
New-Tech 607-ZL Industrial Sewing Table With K-Leg Assembly Frame
Our Price: $249.99   Market Price: $299.99
Save: $50.00 per unit
Gooseneck 110 Volt LED Task Light With C-Clamp
Our Price: $39.99   Market Price: $69.99
Save: $30.00 per unit
Gooseneck 110 Volt Sewing Machine Light
Our Price: $29.99  
Magnetic Flexible Bright 110V LED Light For Sewing Or Hobby
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $5.00 per unit
Magnetic LED Lamp
Our Price: $4.99  
New-Tech Sewing Machine LED Light
Our Price: $19.99  
Aluminum Electric Motor Pulley Clutch Belt For Industrial Sewing Machine
Our Price: $10.00  
Arm Connecting Timing Belt - Singer #268270
Our Price: $39.99   Market Price: $69.50
Save: $29.51 per unit
Clutch / Servo Motor V-belt for Industrial Sewing Machines
Our Price: $10.99  
Automatic Foot Lifter For Single Needle Industrial Sewing Machines
Our Price: $199.99  
Automatic Foot Lifter For Single Needle Industrial Sewing Machines
Our Price: $222.50  
Cast Iron Foot Pedal For Industrial Sewing Machines
Our Price: $19.99  
Knee Switch for AK-34 & 34B #KS-1
Our Price: $34.99  
Metal Treadle Pedal for Industrial Sewing Machines
Our Price: $29.99  
2 Set Deluxe Table Hinge - Singer #540522 #540523
Our Price: $10.00  
3 Piece Universal Chip Chute Set - #GS-2745
Our Price: $29.99  
4" Plastic Table Pin
Our Price: $4.99  
Commercial Sewing Table Hinge Hook #12361
Our Price: $3.99   Market Price: $4.99
Save: $1.00 per unit
Complete Knee Lifter - Singer #2777H
Our Price: $24.99   Market Price: $29.99
Save: $5.00 per unit
Industrial Sewing Machine Drawers for Table Stand
Our Price: $14.99  
Molded Plastic Drawer for Industrial Sewing Machine Table
Our Price: $19.99  
Plastic Hinge For Serging And Safety Machines
Our Price: $10.00  
Rubber Leg Cushion - Set of 4
Our Price: $9.99  
Set Of 4 Oil Pan Rubber Cushions
Our Price: $19.99  
Synchronizer Needle Position Control For Industrial Sewing Machines
Our Price: $39.99   Market Price: $49.99
Save: $10.00 per unit
Table Hinge - Singer #44139
Our Price: $4.99  
Consew CH-K12 Gray Sewing Chair
Our Price: $179.99   Market Price: $199.99
Save: $20.00 per unit
2 Spool Power & Thread Stand
Our Price: $24.99  
2 Spool Thread Stand For Industrial Sewing Machines
Our Price: $14.99  
3 Spool Thread Stand for Embroidery, Sewing, and Quilting
Our Price: $9.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $10.00 per unit
5 Spool Sewing Machine Thread Stand
Our Price: $29.99   Market Price: $59.99
Save: $30.00 per unit
External Thread Stand Adapter - #GS-1748
Our Price: $6.99  
External Thread Stand With Base for Sewing Machines
Our Price: $14.99  
Red Line Laser Positioning Light
Our Price: $29.99  
Adjustable Universal Belt Cover- #GS-BG1
Our Price: $24.99   Market Price: $39.99
Save: $15.00 per unit

Do You Need a New Sewing Table or Motor?

Machines: Industrial Vs. Consumer

Home sewing machines come in varying types, prices, and quality. Although some machines can be purchased for $100 or less, they’re not built to last. Top-Rated home sewing machines are built with metal parts and housing, with the motor encased inside the housing. Home sewing machines have smaller motors and aren’t built to withstand long hours of continuous use.

Industrial machines have motors that are externally attached with a belt that turns the machine when the pedal is touched. The control unit is the third component that allows you to control and set the speed of the machine, and keep it at the same speed no matter how hard you push the pedal.

Home or “domestic” sewing machines are also used for a wide variety of projects, and have several different stitch options built in, including:

  • Zig Zag stitches
  • Buttonholes
  • Elastic and stretch stitches
  • Decorative stitches
  • Embroidery functions

Industrial machines have specific purposes, including

  • Chain stitch
  • Lockstitch
  • Overlock stitch
  • Zig Zag stitch
  • Double-needle stitch
  • Blind stitch
  • Bar tacking
  • Buttonholes
  • Button sew (for sewing buttons onto fabrics)

With only one type of stitch or function, they are less likely to wear out and last longer than a home sewing machine.

Additionally, home sewing machines aren’t designed to handle thick, heavy types of fabric like upholstery, leather, vinyl, and other non-apparel fabrics.

Industrial machines work best with these heavier fabrics and produce a better looking, professional, and cleaner looking stitch.

Your Sewing Machine’s Motor Type

You need to know what kind of motor your sewing machine already has. Is it a clutch, which is noisier, runs very fast, and heats up your workroom? Or is it a servo that’s cool, quiet and efficient, with a steady speed that gives you greater control over your sewing? If you do have a clutch, what about replacing it with a new servo motor?

If your machine already has a servo motor, you know the benefits of having one. If your machine is older and has a clutch, it’s time to upgrade to a servo or brushless.

The Clutch And The Servo Motors

Clutch motors have been the norm for sewing machines for many years and are still available for purchase. It runs fast at the touch of the button and tends to be a bit difficult to control. But on an industrial machine, clutch motors are very heavy, get very hot and stay that way. They can be too fast and difficult to control, so more and more manufacturers are using an alternate type of motor.

The clutch motored sewing machine is very noisy, runs loud and generates a lot of heat. Because the motor is continuously running to operate the internal clutch mechanism, it stays on and uses a lot of electricity.  If you have more than one, a clutch motor can make for a loud and overheated workroom.

But a servo motor works differently. It runs only when your foot is on the pedal and engages the motor and uses significantly less electricity than the clutch motor. The result is a higher output with much lower consumption of energy and no additional vibration. These motors are best suited for industrial operations where repetitive daily actions are the norm, and reliability is essential. Industrial sewing machines benefit greatly from servo technology.

The servo is much quieter than a clutch motor, operates much cooler, gives you more torque per unit of horsepower, and more control over the operation. The result is a more comfortable working environment no matter how many you have, and control over the speed for more complicated projects, mainly leather. Servo-powered machines are more user-friendly—no more runaway sewing machine. With less moving parts, servos don’t break down with continuous use.

New sewing machines may come with servo motors, or the servo may be an optional feature. Older sewing machines can be retrofitted quickly with a modern servo motor when the older one burns out.

Our New-Tech servo motors are 10v/400w and have carbon brushes that need regular replacement. They come complete with all the parts you’ll need to attach the motor to your machine, bolt it to your sewing table, and connect the control unit.

Our brushless motor from New-Tech is slightly more expensive but much smaller and lighter than the standard servo motors. The brushless is 110v with 600w, and goes up to 4500 RPMs. But its best feature is how easy it is to install on your machine and to use. The motor attaches to the machine and your sewing table, and the control unit goes underneath the surface. Everything plugs into the back with plastic connectors (supplied) including the bonus LED sewing lamp when you buy from Goldstar Tools and the optional needle positioning unit (sold separately.) Your machine will suddenly become quieter, and you’ll have more light in the sewing area too!

If you aren’t sure if a motor is right for your sewing machine, call us or email us for assistance. We’ve worked with thousands of sewing machines, and can help you get the right machine motor.

Although we highly recommend the brushless or servo motors, we also stock a line of premium heavy-duty clutch motors in different models for your machine motor needs.

Sewing Tables

Many home sewing machines either installed into a cabinet or can be used on a sewing table. Industrial machines are much heavier and come in three parts, so they need something stronger for daily factory floor use. Portable operation isn’t an option.

Industrial machines are mounted in a specialized type of sewing machine table that also uses a foot pedal, knee pedal and has a place to hold the machine motor underneath the head. These sewing tables are built for strength as well as sturdiness, and to reduce vibration during use.

The universal sewing table is built for industrial machines, but can also be used for home machines. Our sewing table has an adjustable height and can be used for any sewing machine you have. We also offer as options an LED lamp, a foot pedal kit and thread stands for one, two, or five spools of thread. We also stock universal industrial sewing tables with optional pedal and ball joints, and servo motors.

The single needle sewing machine table is made to go with all popular brands of sewing machines, including Juki, Consew, New-Tech, and more. Add options to your sewing table like a two-spool thread stand, an LED lamp and a servo motor for a little extra. (Note that the sewing table comes unassembled.)

Already have a sewing machine table? Add our K Leg Sewing Table Frame Assembly to give yourself a professional sewing table for your industrial machine. It’s adjustable and comes standard with all Fabricator FOR Professional sewing machine packages.

Ready to Replace Your Sewing Table or Motor?

Upgrade your old clutch motor to a new, quieter and energy-efficient servo or brushless motor. Goldstar Tool’s replacement motors will have your industrial sewing machine running like new again. Our sewing machine motors are universal, made for heavy-duty industrial machines, and will fit nearly any type of commercial sewing machine. Buy with confidence—our guarantee ensures you’ll have the right motor for your sewing machine.

GoldStar Tool also sells a variety of sewing tables for your sewing machine. Whether you have a home machine or an industrial machine, we have a sewing machine table that will work for you.