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X-Wide Gray Swivel Sewing Chair - Consew #CH-K28
X-Wide Gray Swivel Sewing Chair - Consew #CH-K28

X-Wide Gray Swivel Sewing Chair - Consew #CH-K28

X-Wide Gray Swivel Sewing Chair - Consew #CH-K28
Weight: 18 lbs
Vendor: Consew
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X-Wide Gray Swivel Sewing Chair - Consew #CH-K28

Take Your Sewing to the Next Level

Enhance your sewing experience with unmatched comfort and robust European craftsmanship. Meet the Consew #CH-K28 X-Wide Gray Swivel Sewing Chair, a pinnacle of functionality and design for industrious creators like you.

Key Features and Benefits:

Luxurious Comfort:

  • With its extra-wide 18.1-inch seat and 16.3-inch depth, it settles into hours of sewing without the usual fatigue.
  • The plush, high-density cushioning will make you feel seated in the lap of luxury, stitch after stitch.

Customizable Ergonomics:

  • Tailor the chair to your body with an easily adjustable vertical lift range of 18.9 inches to 23.6 inches, ensuring perfect table alignment.
  • The comfortably padded backrest, measuring 15.5 inches wide and 9.6 inches deep, provides excellent lumbar support for those long projects.

Sleek, Functional Design:

  • Sporting stylish gray upholstery, this chair doesn’t just serve its purpose well but also elevates your workspace aesthetic.
  • A smooth swivel mechanism and airlift ensure you can move freely, reaching for tools and fabrics without a hitch.

Enduring Quality:

  • Crafted in Europe, the Consew #CH-K28 embodies high-end manufacturing and promising years of reliable service.
  • Designed specifically for sewing professionals, the robust construction holds up against the demands of daily industrial use.

Effortless Assembly & Portability:

  • At a manageable weight of 17.4 lbs, this chair is sturdy yet easy to move and transport within your sewing space.
  • Quick and simple assembly means you can enjoy the benefits of your Consew chair in no time.

Consew CH-K-28 Specifications:

  • Seat Size: 18.1" wide; 16.3" deep
  • Back Size: 15.5" wide; 9.6" deep
  • Vertical Lift Range: 18.9" - 23.6"
  • Weight: 19.1 lbs

Whether quilting, tailoring, or crafting, your seating is as crucial as your sewing machine. Invest in the Consew #CH-K28 X-Wide Gray Swivel Sewing Chair today and experience the bliss of sewing with comfort that lasts through every project.

Don’t let an ordinary chair stifle your creativity. Choose the Consew #CH-K28 and sew in the sanctuary of world-class comfort and design.

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