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Pegasus Sewing Machines

With the wide range of choices in a sewing or overlock machine, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and you may have a difficult time deciding. Fortunately, one machine brand has been a factory mainstay for over 100 years.

Continue down below to learn more about Pegasus and the benefits of using one of these machines…

Pegasus EX3215H-A05/535 Fully Automatic Overedger & Safety Stitch Industrial Machine With Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $4999.99  
Pegasus MX5204-32R2/223L 1.5 Merrow High- Speed Turn Down Hemming With Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $1999.99  
Pegasus MX5214-M03/333 4 Thread Industrial Overlock Machine With Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $2299.99  
Pegasus MX3216-03/333 5 Industrial Overlock Machine With Table and Servo Motor​
Our Price: $2299.99  
Pegasus W3562P-01 5 Thread Coverstitch Oil Barrier Flatbed Industrial Interlock Stitch Machine With Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $2999.99   Market Price: $3256.00
Save: $256.01 per unit
Pegasus FS713P-G0​ 6 Thread Flatlock/Flatseam Feed-Off-The-Arm Cylinder Bed Industrial Interlock Stitch Machine With Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $9499.99  
Pegasus W3664P-01G​ 5 Thread Coverstitch Oil Barrier Cylinder Bed Industrial Interlock Stitch Machine With Table and Servo Motor
Our Price: $2999.99  

Pegasus Sewing Machines

Who is Pegasus?

Pegasus has been making top-quality machines since 1914, making it one of the oldest sewing machine manufacturers in the world. 

Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the company makes industrial sewing and overlock machines used in sewing factories and shops worldwide. The company has developed its own technology to ensure that every sewing and overlock machine is made to the company’s precise standards, including alignment and operation.

Benefits of Using a Pegasus Sewing Machine

Because Pegasus machines are designed to be used nearly continuously, oil is a big part of ensuring that each machine runs smoothly. The company’s exclusive oil sealing technology allows the machine’s oil to flow freely without risking spillage onto fabrics.

A Pegasus machine can sew anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 stitches per minute, depending on the machine. That kind of speed translates into products that are made faster and shipped out to your customers.

Pegasus insists on keeping design and production in-house to ensure that each part of the machine is created exactly the same, down to the micron. There is no outsourcing of the body frames and main shafts; these parts are designed and built by the company. Die-casting of parts is also done to the same exacting standards. With this kind of quality control, Pegasus’ machines are accurately built to standard, giving dependably high-quality in each machine.

How Does an Industrial Sewing Machine Differ from a Home Machine?

While home sewing machines have a wide range of built-in tasks, industrial machines generally do just one thing, but well.

Home Sewing Machine—from straight and zigzag stitching to buttonholes and knit stitching, home machines can handle multiple types of functions. Since most home projects require at least two techniques (i.e., straight stitches and buttonholes), the home machine is inclusive to completing everything from start to finish. Additional attachments such as presser feet expand the home machine’s functionality.

Industrial Sewing Machine—in a factory setting, different parts of creating and sewing a garment or other products are streamlined. Instead of one person working a project start to finish, it’s more common to delegate different functions to several workers. One individual lays out fabric, and another lays the patterns and cuts them. Pieces are given to individual workers to stitch different parts of a project, such as pockets, zippers, buttonholes, or linings. Each worker makes one type of stitching and does so quickly. Industrial machines are built to run nearly continuously and at high speeds so that multiple workers can sew different project parts. Industrial sewing machines are much heavier, aren’t portable, and can exceed 100 pounds.

What is an Overlock Machine?

Overlock machines are also called “sergers.” They’re used to join two pieces of fabric with a specific type of stitch that covers the edges and is used for seaming, edging, and hemming. Most sergers also trim fabric during stitching and prevent fraying. These machines offer a more professional-looking stitch for nearly any sewing project.

Overlock machines use anywhere from two to five cones of thread and use a series of loopers fed by these thread cones instead of bobbins. Overlock stitching is ideal for projects that call for knit fabrics. Their stretch-stitch capabilities allow these kinds of fabrics to be more durable during wear.

These machines run at higher RPMs than regular sewing machines. However, overlock machines don’t have the same functionality as a regular sewing machine (industrial or home) but can complement the standard machine.

The Servo Motor

All of the Pegasus machines have one thing in common—the servo motor.

Most machines are equipped with standard clutch motors, while Pegasus uses the servo style. Why a servo motor?

  • They can run for hours and use as much as 75% (or more) less electricity than a clutch, and only use electricity when the pedal is engaged.
  • They also run cooler and don’t heat up like a clutch, further reducing your energy bills (especially for air conditioning)
  • Servo motors are much quieter than a clutch and don’t vibrate.
  • You can set the speed of the motor, and it won’t run any faster, no matter how hard the pedal is pressed.
  • They’re easy to change when the time comes for a new motor.

Bringing a servo motor machine into your business is a great way to reduce your energy consumption while keeping your shop running efficiently.

Let GoldStar Tool Help You Choose the Right Pegasus For Your Business

Whether your business makes garments, furniture or upholstery, luggage, footwear, automotive seating, and interiors, or any other type of stitched product, Pegasus offers you reliable sewing from a dependable industrial machine.

If you need help deciding on the Pegasus sewing or overlock machine that’s right for your shop or business, call us at 1-800-868-4419, email us at sales@goldstartool.com, or contact us online. We can help you make the best decision for your company.