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Grommet—the simple little metal circles that you probably don’t pay much attention to until they loosen. They’re everywhere—in the tops of curtains, holding your shoelaces, and guiding drawstrings through bags, purses, and other everyday objects. Fabric storage cubes, now in nearly every home in America, utilize grommets instead of knobs to pull them out of organizer shelves. Grommets are useful as well as decorative, with a wide range of applications.

Two Piece Grommets With Washers
Our Price: $4.99  
Clear Plastic Grommets With Washers
Our Price: $9.99  
Extra Long Neck Grommets​ with Washers
Our Price: $6.99  
Mesh Grommets With Washers
Our Price: $12.99  
Rhinestone Grommets With Washers
Our Price: $12.99  
Rolled Rim Grommets with Spur Washers
Our Price: $29.99  
Two Piece Fun Color Grommets
Our Price: $14.99   Market Price: $29.99
Save: $15.00 per unit
One Piece Self Backing Small Eyelets
Our Price: $4.99  
Self Backing Small Colored Eyelets Size #000 5/32"
Our Price: $4.99  
#15 Heavy Duty Plastic Curtain / Drapery Grommets
Our Price: $0.69  
#15 Jumbo Curtain / Drapery Grommets
Our Price: $28.99  
3" Grommet-Eyelet Curtain Tape
Our Price: $7.99  
Flower Shape Plastic Curtain Grommet Covers
Our Price: $0.49   Market Price: $2.99
Save: $2.50 per unit
Large Curtain Grommets Size #12/12L (1-9/16")
Our Price: $9.99  
Large Curtain Grommets, Size #12 Square
Our Price: $7.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $12.00 per unit
Medium Curtain Grommets #8, #10
Our Price: $9.99   Market Price: $19.99
Save: $10.00 per unit
Plastic Faux Metal Drapery Grommet Covers
Our Price: $0.69   Market Price: $2.99
Save: $2.30 per unit

Grab a Grommet for Your Next Project!

Practically, grommets are used to reinforce a hole in a piece of fabric, just like its smaller cousin, the eyelet. These rings are usually used for heavier fabrics and applications, like tarps, tents, canvas and storage cubes, and drawstring bags. Costume corsets use both to accommodate lace-up closures. Large vinyl-coated canvas signs that you see at sporting events and trade shows are held in place with a series of grommets throughout the edges and can be hung wherever it’s needed.

Nearly anywhere you need to add a hole to a piece of fabric can be reinforced with a grommet. At home, grommets are commonly seen in shower curtains and modern drapes. But versatile grommets can be used as a utility or to add visual interest to an otherwise plain project.

Where Can You Use a Grommet?

You could make a pocket for this tote bag all by itself, or you can really upgrade it with the addition of grommets, D-rings and a long strap. Adding grommets to the bottom of a pair of jeans, trousers, skirt and even home décor adds one-of-a-kind accents not available in ready-made.

 While using grommets at the tops of curtains are apparent, here is some other fun ideas:

  • Adding grommets to one corner of your potholders to hang them on a cup, magnetic, or command hook in your kitchen
  • Insert a grommet at the opening of kitchen gloves to hang them up to dry after use.    
  • Add a cord or thin decorative rope handles to tote, shopping, and other bags. Use grommets to add appropriately sized holes in the fabric. Inset the cord ends in the grommets to the inside or outside, tying tight knots in the ends.
  • Thread handles through grommeted holes in the sides of floor cushions or other items you carry.
  • Make your own square fabric storage bins to the size that suits your needs, adding a grommet to one side for either decoration or to pick them up.   
  • Make a cloth cover for a small side table or bar stool, and secure the corners using cord, ribbon, or fabric strips threaded through grommets in the corners. Tie cords together to keep the covers secured.
  • Turn an ordinary box into a storage area for ribbons, adding dividers inside to keep spools separated and an appropriate-sized grommet in the side to dispense the ribbon from the box.

Mesh Projects

Hats also utilize mesh grommets to allow airflow and to keep your head from sweating. Your head gives off a fair amount of heat, so a good hat helps you keep warm in cold weather. But while working outside, or doing anything during the heat of summer, hats can trap heat, making you even more uncomfortable. Adding a mesh grommet to your hats offers ventilation and helps you cool off much easier.

How to Install A Grommet

You’ll need two tools: a hammer and a setting tool called an anvil. A grommet consists of two pieces, the barrel and the washer. Some grommets have prongs on the barrel end.

Installation involves hammering them together in the opening to no longer be a ragged hole in the fabric. Mark each place you want a grommet, then cut a hole in the fabric smaller than the size of the barrel. Insert the barrel into the right side so that it comes out on the wrong side of the fabric.

Thinner fabrics may require small pieces of iron-on interfacing or another stabilizer to keep the fabric in place in the grommet. 

Working on a hard surface like a floor or piece of wood, center the stud end of the anvil on top, and hit it with the hammer. A wooden cutting board may also work. You may want to work on a towel to keep your project from getting dirty. Hammer just until the ring is set completely. Pliers are also available that can make installation simpler. Once completed, your fabric project is ready to use.

How do you know what size grommet is best for your project?


If your project is from a pattern, the size will be in the instructions. (If not, you’ll need to do some figuring.) We carry a wide range of sizes and types—click here to visit our grommet and eyelet sizing chart.

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