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Innovation in Grommet Presses: Notable Technological Advances

Sewing notions like grommets, eyelets, and snaps have become staples in the industry, and with advancements in tools like grommet press machines, anyone can install them with precision and speed. Whether you’re a home sewist or a commercial manufacturer, you have a world of technology at your feet to create professional-looking tailored items using grommets.

What Is A Grommet Press?

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A grommet press machine is the easiest way to insert grommets into all types of projects. Grommets are rings inserted into holes in textiles to reinforce them and keep them from tearing. They are commonly used in many materials, including leather, canvas, vinyl, plastic, and cloth.

Most home sewists have installed a grommet or eyelet with a handheld hammer and anvil tool kit, and while it’s not a complicated task, it can be time-consuming and tedious. Grommet presses are designed to streamline the process. They make it easier to install grommets, and the results are more professional.

How Does A Grommet Press Machine Work?

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Typically, a grommet is a pair of metal rings pressed together around a hole cut in fabric so that it doesn’t unravel or wear out. A grommet press machine works by sandwiching the fabric between the grommet and the washer.

In addition to pressing them with a hammer and anvil tool, you can also use a pair of grommet pliers or a hand press. If you plan on installing a lot of grommets, you need a more sophisticated machine to automate the process.

You can choose from manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic grommet press machines, depending on the scope of your project. The more automated your machine is, the more money you will save on labor costs.

What You Should Know About Press Machines And Grommets

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You need the right grommet press machine to tackle the size of your job. While a hand press or a set of grommet pliers will work for most home sewers, you’ll need a grommet press with automatic features if you’re setting thousands of grommets each week.

Choosing The Right Machine

From the most basic handheld grommet tools to sophisticated industrial-style grommet press machines, there are a lot of choices when it comes to finding the right grommet press machine. The type you choose will depend on your production volume, the material's thickness, the grommet's size, and the precision and consistency your work requires.

Grommet Hand Press

Grommet hand presses made from cast iron are designed to be used as a bench press on a tabletop. They can be bolted down for added stability and leverage and are designed for low-volume use. Easy to use and affordable, hand grommet press machines can be used for banners, tarps, and curtains, and with the right dies, they also work for snaps, rivets, and buttons.

Heavy Duty Hand Press Grommet Machine

When working with thicker materials for projects like banners, awnings, and tents, you need a larger press that prevents operator fatigue and can handle heavy-duty grommets. Heavy-duty hand presses are the same as other non-electric bench press grommet machines but are larger and have a longer handle.

Foot-lever Grommet Press

Foot-lever grommet presses are the next step from hand-press grommet machines, offering more efficiency and control than manual lever machines. You have both hands free when operating a foot-pedal-operated grommet machine, making it easier to position the material while installing grommets. They are used for all types of fabrics and grommet types, and with the right die, you can install any type of grommet, snap, or button.

Electric and Pneumatic Hand Feed Grommet Press Machines

Semi-automatic electric and pneumatic hand-feed grommet press machines require minimal physical exertion by the operator. The grommet parts are placed on the machine by hand, and the machine uses compressed air or electricity to apply pressure to set them.

Manual electric and pneumatic grommet presses have safety devices that prevent injuries and a laser light that pinpoints where the grommet will be installed to improve operator accuracy. The pressure can be adjusted to account for different types of materials and thicknesses.

Automatic Grommet Press Machines

Fully-automatic grommet press machines insert grommets quickly, at a rate of up to 45 grommets per minute. These are highly automated machines used in industrial settings, and they automatically sort and place the grommet parts, pierce the fabric, and set the grommet in a matter of seconds.

Automatic grommet machines usually have two hoppers, one for the washer and one for the grommet. Most fully-automatic grommet presses are used for one size of grommet or snap, and they don’t have interchangeable dies for different size grommets.

Choosing The Right Grommet

Grommets come in various shapes and sizes. Most grommets are round and made from metal, but they can also be made from plastic or rubber. Depending on the application, metal grommets are made from different alloys, including stainless steel and copper, and nickel alloys.

There are three main types of grommets, plain, self-piercing, and rolled-rim grommets. They are paired with various styles of washers, such as plain, tooth, spur, and neck washers.

Plain Grommet

The plain grommet, also called a washer grommet, is made from lightweight metals like brass. In light-duty applications, plain grommets are usually paired with plain washers but can also be used with tooth and neck washers.

Plain grommets are easy to install and inexpensive. They are set after a hole is punched using a separate die. Since they are lightweight, they won’t hold up to rigorous use, so they are primarily used for stationary applications.

Self-piercing Grommet

The edge of a self-piercing grommet is sharp enough to cut through fabric, eliminating the need to punch a hole before you set the grommets. They are paired with small tooth washers and work great for enterprises that use manual presses since pre-cutting the hole isn’t required.

Self-piercing grommets are perfect for setting grommets in signs and banners because they are durable and long-lasting. The one-step application is more cost-effective than other types of grommets.

Rolled-rim Grommet

Rolled-rim grommets are thicker and are paired with spur washers for heavy-duty applications. Spur washers have lots of small teeth that sink into the fabric, and when paired with rolled-rim grommets, the result is the thickest grommet available. They have the most strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion.

Since the teeth in these grommets make them almost impossible to tear apart, they are used in heavy-duty applications where there is a lot of stress on the grommet, such as truck tarps and sails.

Grommet Washers

Grommets and washers are purchased together. You must understand what type of grommet to use and pair it with the most suitable washer for your project.

The washer, which is the female part of the pair, can be one of the following types:

  • Plain washers- Paired with a plain grommet, these are the most common type of grommet used. They are a great all-around combination but are only used for lightweight applications, where there isn’t a lot of movement and outside force on an object.
  • Tooth washers- These washers can be paired with self-piercing and plain grommets. They have small metal teeth that bite into the fabric and make the grommet more resilient.
  • Spur washers- This type of washer is paired with the thicker rolled-rim grommets for its industrial strength and is suitable for higher-stress applications. They have an extra raised portion that helps dig into and grip the fabric for a better hold.
  • Neck washers- Designed for automatic machine use, neck washers have an extended flange and can be used for thick layers of material.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Grommets

When choosing the best grommet for your project, consider the following factors.

  • Budget- If you’re setting a high volume of grommets in lightweight fabrics, consider plain sheet metal grommets. They are the least expensive grommet.
  • Streamlined application- Self-piercing grommets can be set in one action, saving you a lot of time. They cost more than plain grommets, but you’ll save money on labor costs.
  • Durability- The type of material and thickness of the grommet will determine how long they last.
  • Corrosion-resistance- grommets used in industrial and marine settings must be made from corrosion-resistant metals, like stainless steel.

The Advancements In Grommet Pressing And Setting

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Whether you’re using grommets for decorative or functional purposes, there have been impressive advancements in grommet press machines in recent years, making it easy and cost-effective to use them in various projects.

Grommet presses automate the cutting of the fabric and the setting of the grommet, saving time and leading to a clean and consistent installation. Self-piercing grommets are the latest advancement in grommets that do not require any hole preparation as their sharp points punch into the fabric quickly, eliminating the need for punches.

With modern technology and the right tools, grommets are popular for finishing various projects, including curtains, cushions, awnings, shoes, and tents. Different styles of grommets allow for more customization, and the entire process of setting grommets to fabrics and materials is faster, more efficient, and easier than ever.

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