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Mesh Grommets With Washers
Mesh Grommets With Washers
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**Check out our grommet/eyelet sizing chart.

Mesh Grommets With Washers

Mesh Grommets With Washers
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Need to set grommets?

Yes, add hammer/anvil setter
Yes, add DIE ONLY for heavy duty press
Yes, add heavy duty press machine + Die

Need to pre-punch holes?

Yes, add hammer hole punch
Add hole punch die for heavy duty press machine

Mesh Grommets With Washers (100 or 1000 sets)

Mesh grommets are often used for air ventilation of hats, shoes, tents, crafts and more. Ours are heavy duty brass quality, which will not rust and work great for products exposed to moisture. 


  • 8.6 mm diameter, 4.5 mm inside hole diameter, 4.7 mm height
  • 12 mm diameter, 6 mm inside hole diameter, 5 mm height
  • 16 mm diameter, 10 mm inside hole diameter, 4.8 mm height

Available in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Gunmetal, Antique Copper and Antique Brass.

How to set a grommet/eyelet:

For smaller projects, our hammer and anvil setter; may work fine. For larger volume applications, you may want to consider our heavy duty press machine + appropriate die. We also offer hole cutting tools for pre-punching holes before you set your grommet. While not required -- especially for smaller sizes -- it can be helpful to cut perfect holes beforehand.

Sold in packs of 100 and 1000.

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