Grading Workbook, 2nd Ed
Grading Workbook, 2nd Ed

Grading Workbook, 2nd Ed

Grading Workbook, 2nd Ed
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The Grading Workbook, Second Edition serves as a reference guide for the designer, patternmaker, costumer, and cottage industry designer. Within this new edition more content is added for more grading variations. Specifically, there are new sections for princess seams, gored skirts, knits, women's plus sizes, men's wear, and children's wear.

We have focused on making this new edition more modern with completely redrawn, full color illustrations to show each grading step more accurately. For greater precision we are also offering this text as an e-book. Much effort was spent to ensure that the images can be zoomed in or out to any resolution with zero loss in quality. If you're a fan of tablets or notebook computers, you might be amazed with the quality and versatility of this added feature.

The Grading Workbook, Second Edition can be used as a teaching/learning guide for many years