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50 Piece Leather Working Tool Supply Kit
50 Piece Leather Working Tool Supply Kit
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50 Piece Leather Working Tool Supply Kit

50 Piece Leather Working Tool Supply Kit
Product Pictures
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50 Piece Leather Working Tool Supply Kit

Leather Working Tool Kit, 50 pieces total

This leather craft tool kit provides everything you need for punching, sewing, carving, decorating, gluing, edging, grinding, coloration, and other functions for leather craft.

  • Comes with a Durable Tool Box — The Leather Crafting Tool Supply Kit comes with a sturdy and durable toolbox!
  • Perfect Gift for Handicraft Lovers — This kit includes 20 leather stamping tools to inspire creativity! These leather craft stamping tools are suitable for both novices and advanced students alike! And it can be used as a beautiful gift for parents, family, friends, and especially for DIY hand-stitching lovers.
  • Copper Handle Sewing Awl and 7 in 1 Stitching Groover — Adjustable leather edge stitching tool is easy to adjust and can be used to groove the edges of the leather. And the copper taper-shank awl with 3 needles are suitable for sewing or repairing canvas leather, shoes, and soles.
  • Leather Stamping Set with 20 Designs — DIY leather craft set comes with 20 different pattern stamps for leather craft working. Use on wallets, belts, bags, dog collars, etc to further personalize your projects!
  • High-Quality Leather Stitching Diamond Chisels — Our Leather craft toolset includes 4 prong punches: 6 prong, 4 prong, 2 prong, 1 prong leather hole tool set. High-strength white steel, polished and smooth handle, good wear and impact resistance, not easily twisted and broken. Sharp teeth help to punch quickly and effortlessly.
  • 2 Types of Stitching & Scribing Wheels (2mm distance and 4mm distance) — Makes dotted markings on most fabric. Use the tracing wheel with tracing paper to transfer pattern markings for darts, pleats, tucks, pockets, and buttonholes. Roll along leather to mark the spacing of stitches for smooth, even results every time

    and more!


    • 20 × Leather Stamping Tools
    • 1 × 7-in-1 Stitching Groover
    • 1 x Thimble
    • 7 × Repair Sewing Needles for Leather
    • 4 × Leather Stitching Diamond Chisel 4mm (1,2,4,6 Prong)
    • 2 × Wooden Burnishers/Edge Slicker
    • 1 x Round Wooden Edge Slicker
    • 5 × Leather Edging Polishing File
    • 1x Black flat wax thread 150D
    • 1 x Coffee flat wax thread 150D
    • 1x Bright Orange flat wax thread 150D
    • 1 × Wooden Awl
    • 1 x Copper Handle Sewing Awl (with 3 needles)
    • 2 x Scribing Wheels
    • 1 × Measuring Tape
    • 1 x Scissor/Clipper 
    • 1 x Durable Tool Box/Carrying Case

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