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Plotter Paper
Plotter Paper
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Plotter Paper

Plotter Paper
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Plotter Paper

Plotter paper has its own advantages over other pattern papers. Its primary usefulness is that it is a appropriate for plotters and other mechanical devices. While it's generally cheaper than many types of pattern paper, it's not quite as easy to fold as some papers (similar to the texture of blueprints). However, it's more durable than tissue paper which makes it appealing for temporary projects. As opposed to brown kraft paper, plotter paper is translucent, which makes tracing a breeze. Similarly, the white sheen of this paper means that marks are more visible than on some papers. This is a perk for those with weaker eyesight or for new crafters.


Width x Yards per roll

  • 54" x 600'
  • 63" x 200'
  • 63" x 500'
  • 67" x 200'
  • 67" x 500'
  • 72" x 200'
  • 72" x 500'

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