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Brown Craft Paper
Brown Craft Paper

Brown Craft Paper

Brown Craft Paper
Weight: 60 lbs
Vendor: GoldStar
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Brown Craft Paper 

Our craft paper is smooth and thick, ready for your next sewing or fabric project. Each roll is 800 feet in length, so you'll have plenty of craft paper to go around. We offer it in varying widths, depending on your specific needs: 


  • 60" X 10 Yards
  • 48" X 800 Feet
  • 60" X 800 Feet
  • 63" X 800 Feet
  • 66" X 800 Feet

The weight of this Gold Star Tool paper is 40#, read as forty pound. This isn't a measurement of the heaviness of the paper; it's an industry defined way to measure the thickness of the craft paper. 40# translates to .004 inches of thickness. Typically, grocery store brown paper bags are 50#, which means .005 inches thick, so this is slightly thinner than that.

Primarily, this paper is used as an underlay for sewing projects. The sturdiness of the craft paper is important in order to ensure proper stitching. Another popular use for this is as pattern paper. Before using up your fabric, it's smart to craft a pattern on brown paper. Gold Star Tool's brown paper is ideal for this as the paper is sturdy enough to retain its shape, preserving the pattern that you worked hard to accomplish. This paper is also versatile and can be used for wrapping and packaging purposes.

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