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Fabric Sampler Cutter
Fabric Sampler Cutter
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Fabric Sampler Cutter

Fabric Sampler Cutter
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Fabric Sampler Cutter

SAMPLE CUTTER for GSM is a specialized instrument to determine the GSM of the fabric (Woven, Non-Woven or Knitted), Paper & Cardboard. Mass SAMPLE CUTTER for GSM can cut virtually any material, including film, foam, carpet, paper, and board.


Mass SAMPLE CUTTER for GSM main body is entirely made of aluminum casting for lightweight & resilience with Diamond Studded Locking (Catch Lock) Mechanism for Safety. The instrument is equipped with an extra set of replaceable reversible blades, i.e., all four sides of the blades can be used. Specially designed 4 Special grade, Grey-cutting pads were provided to support while cutting. The equipment is meticulously finished with silver paint.

The unit is recommended for yield testing, i.e., weight per unit area. The sample cutter cuts out rapidly and accurately circular specimens of 100, cm² giving the GSM (Grams per square meter) DIRECTLY.


  • Specialized equipment to determine Grams per square meter (GSM) of any fabric.
  • The finest grade of aluminum metal used in the main body for lightweight, robustness & resilience.
  • Smooth precision-engineered components for excellent performance.
  • Stainless steel blade holders for excellent lifelong operations.
  • Ergonomic latest design with modern aesthetics.
  • Supplied with a special rubberized foam cutting pad for smooth cutting & long life of the blades & two sets of cutting blades.

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