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4 Common Reasons Your Sewing Machine Is Locking Up

If you’re trying to complete a sewing project, there’s nothing more frustrating than when your sewing machine has a malfunction. What’s even more aggravating is having no idea why it happened or how to fix it!

Are you having an issue where your sewing machine keeps locking up inexplicably? Let’s take a look at a few of the most common reasons this might be happening.

1. Your Threads Have Improper Tension

Proper thread tension is crucial for a sewing machine to work as it’s supposed to. If your thread isn’t at the right tension, it could become jammed beneath your presser foot and your machine will overcompensate to pull the thread through, creating tangles and jams in the machine.

Check to see that your thread is at the proper tension before starting to stitch.

2. Your Bobbin Is Incorrectly Installed or Clogged

If your bobbin was loaded in incorrectly or if it’s been damaged, your sewing machine may lock up during a project.

If this happens, pause your stitching to take the bobbin out and make sure the thread is going through the bobbin’s hole from left to right. Then, replace the bobbin and give it a light tug as soon as it’s back in place to make sure it’s properly seated.

3. Your Stitch Is Seizing Up

Seizing stitches can happen for standard sewing machines as well as overlock machines. Your top thread may be seizing up due to excess friction between threads, either because your threads have become oily or because they’re tangling. You may need to replace your threads to prevent this issue from happening again.

4. Your Presser Foot Isn’t Raised

Sometimes, crafters can rush their setup before beginning a project and incorrectly raise or lower the presser foot, causing jams. Make sure your presser foot is correctly raised and lowered throughout your sewing session.

How Can I Prevent Sewing Machine Issues?

Sewing machine issues are bound to happen sometimes, but there are some steps you can take to prevent them, including:

  • Changing the needle on a regular basis

  • Cleaning the tension disks

  • Adjusting tensions

  • Cleaning the bobbin and bobbin case

Regular maintenance tasks like these can make a huge difference in the functionality of your sewing machine.

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