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5 Thread Overlocker Machine Benefits

Are you desperately in need of new sewing machines Los Angeles? Gold Star Tool has all of the best machines for you at affordable prices. In this blog post, we will cover the benefits of our Juki MO 6716S 5 thread Overlocker machine, and why you should consider it for your home, office, and more. We will provide purchasing descriptions and the direct link below!

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All sewing machines are different than one another, because they offer different types of features and different levels of performance. And, different counts of thread have the ability to make more or less stitches. In this post we will go over the 5 Thread Overlock Sewing Machine by Juki, that comes with a table & motor, and the greatness of this machine.

Let’s first start out with this machines features, and what it includes. This machine can take on up to 7000 stitches per minute, which is great for clothing businesses that need to produce large quantities of garments every day or every week. You will get your work done efficiently and in a productive manner with this stitch count. It also has 110 volts, which gives the machine and yourself more power to work! Gold Star Tool provides you also with a table, a stand, sewing light, motor, machine head, and drawer. These features all come with your purchase as a full set, that can be assembled for you before it arrives to your door. We even provide you with the option of selecting ‘medium duty’ or ‘heavy duty’ at checkout.

5 thread sewing machineIf you are a tailor or have an alterations company, this 5 thread overlock machine is perfect for that business. This machine is very versatile, and can handle working with many different products and/or garments that need to be hemmed or seamed. Clothing manufacturers and large corporations would prefer a 5 thread stitch machine over the one, two, three, or four threads. The Juki serger is perfect for overlock stitching all types of light to medium weight fabrics. The absolute best part of our Juki sewing machines Los Angeles is that it runs silently! Our servo motor is designed and upgraded to ensure that you have no loud noises coming through while you are at work. This can be very distracting and abrupt to the people around you.

To view and purchase this machine for just $1,475, you can click this link that will direct you to our website: https://goldstartool.com/Juki-MO-6716S-5-Threads-overlock-machine-110-VOLT.html