How to Easily Add Some Bling with The Pearl & Stud Press Machine

This year we started selling our very own Pearl & Stud Press Machine so you can add some bling to your latest project. These decorative items are some of our most popular and now adding them onto your project is easier than ever. 

Pearls and studs are not like rivets or grommets and are not meant to hold two pieces of fabric together, but rather are purely made for decorative purposes. These tiny items are typically used to give some style and sparkle to items such as garments, shoes, belts, bags, and anything you can think of that is made from fabric. 

This small machine may remind you of our Heavy Duty Press that is made to add grommets, snaps, buttons, and rivets to your project, but this smaller, easy-to-use Pearl & Stud Press Machine is quite different. 

The Pearl & Stud Press Machine is lightweight and specifically made to easily attach decorative pearls and studs to your fabrics in a simple five-part process. With this machine, you can add some bling to your fabric in seconds. 

How to Use the Pearl & Stud Press Machine

Here is the quick and easy-to-follow process of using the Pearl & Stud Machine: 

  • Step 1 - Insert pin to the low holder
  • Step 2 - Insert a pearl or stud to top nozzle (be sure to check nozzle is correct size)
  • Step 3 - Place your fabric on the low holder, adjusting the location and pushing the round lever down
  • Step 4 - Pull pressure lever to attach the pearl or stud
  • Step 5 - Enjoy the new detail!

This Pearl & Stud Press comes with everything you need, including the press, a set of four dies and a wrench to help you attach them. This is all you need to attach your pearls and studs to your fabrics. 

Creating Something Unique with Elegant Detail

With so many different styles of pearls and studs available, your imagination is your only limitation to create beautiful projects. 

Take a look at some of the items created by someone in our very own community using the Pearl & Stud Press Machine: 

Sheryl Burnette from DIME ― Designs in Machine Embroidery ―  created these gorgeous items. By adding small details with pearls and studs, it is easy to see how you can add unique elements to your everyday items and make them stand out as a work of art.


With this manual fixing machine, you can accurately place your pearls and studs exactly where you want them while reducing the amount of labor it would traditionally take to fix these exquisite items to your garments. Plus, the learning curve is almost non-existent, so anyone can learn to use it in just minutes. 

The Pearl & Stud Press Machine is rugged and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking in the middle of use. Moreover, it fixes the pearls and studs tightly to your fabric, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off due to regular use or in the wash. 

Follow Along to Learn How to Use the Pearl & Stud Press Machine

Watch the video below as David walks you through how to use the Pearl & Stud Press Machine and the highlights of this new product:

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