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Advanced Techniques with Grommet Machines: Industrial-Grade Grommet Installation

As you explore the world of DIY crafting and elevate your sewing skills over time, you’ll realize you can incorporate many different sewing tools into your routine.

Some of these tools make everyday actions much easier, while others allow you to add certain sewing notions to your projects that you wouldn’t be able to work with otherwise. Both types of items are essential to upping your sewing game, trying out new types of projects, and increasing your output.

Grommet tools are a great example of a sewing tool that allows you to add different types of sewing notions to your projects. Grommets are small, two-piece metal holes that you can apply to garments, bags, upholstery, flags, and other items to reinforce structural openings.

What Kind of Grommet Machine Do You Need?

Many DIY sewists don’t need anything more heavy-duty than a handheld grommet tool. These are great for small grommets and washers that won’t bear weight, thin materials like cotton or linen, and minimal sewing output (for example, just a few garments per week).

However, if the grommets on your projects are larger and will bear weight, such as on bags, furniture, and tarps, you’ll likely need heavy-duty grommet tools. If you have a high output of projects, a larger grommet tool will make your process much smoother and prevent you from accidentally injuring your hands from the strain of pressing the grommets.

Advanced Grommet Tools

Want to learn more about the advanced grommet tools that are available?

Here are a few examples of high-quality grommet tools on the market that will make your garment-making process much easier and help you elevate your sewing abilities. Additionally, they all come with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer to ensure customer satisfaction.


Designed for grommets as deep as 4 and ¼ inches, the CSTEP-2 is a new advanced grommet press perfect for sewists with a low to mid-range volume of work.

This machine has an ergonomic handle that’s easy on the hands and comfortable to use. The expanded throat depth allows this machine to handle deep grommets and self-piercing grommets. It weighs roughly 12 pounds and can be fastened to a sewing table for ease of use.


The CSTON-1 grommet press has a spring-loaded handle, making applying grommets of many sizes simple without requiring too much pressure. When you load your grommet, washer, and die into this machine, it taps the die on the grommet to effectively roll over the washer, firmly fastening it.

The spring load in this model’s handle also allows it to successfully apply grommets and washers to even the thickest materials. This machine can handle grommets up to 1 and ½ inches in depth and weighs about 50 pounds.


Sewists with professional-level workloads will appreciate the CSPIC-2 grommet machine, which is designed with an accelerated, efficient process that will make your professional sewing work much more efficient. This machine can handle grommets of any depth.

You operate this 50-pound press using a pneumatic foot pedal rather than a handle, allowing you to apply consistent pressure and eliminate quality control issues. Additionally, the machine features a highly advanced system of internal safety checks.

Choosing Your Grommet Size: Things to Consider

Before you choose which advanced grommet tools to expand your sewing abilities, you should know what grommet sizes you’re working with. This will help determine what types of grommet tools you need for success.

Type of Material

The thicker the material, the more difficult it is to apply grommets. Thick materials like canvas, denim, and leather need deeper grommets and a more heavy-duty tool.

Grommet Use

The grommet is added for aesthetic value rather than functionality for some projects. In cases like this, you can use a smaller grommet made of less durable material, which you can usually apply with a handheld tool.

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Now that you understand a bit more about grommets and advanced grommet tools, it’s time to invest in the future of your sewing career. Amateur sewists and professionals alike trust Gold Star Tool for high-quality materials and DIY crafting ideas.