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Advantages of Using Dress Forms

Whether you have your own clothing company or just love to sew as a hobby, having dress forms in hand are always useful. They can assist you in any type of clothing project you are taking on, and you could use these mannequins to test out sizes, styles, and overall how your garments will look on a real body. Gold Star Tool has many girl dress form mannequins on our website for you to check out, coming in many different sizes. In this post, we will share with you some of the benefits of using a dress form for assistance!

Which Dress Forms Do I Need?

Many of our customers ask us which type of dress form would be best for their type of projects. The answer is simple. What type of clothing are you making, and who is it going to be for? If you are focusing on women’s clothing, than a natural woman dress form would be best. If your style is for men only, you should purchase a men’s body form. We also carry pregnant body forms for maternity clothing, plus size forms for larger sizes, children's forms, and much more!

girl dress formThere are two types of forms that people often times can get confused by. These two would be a dress form and a display form. A display form has no foam and is simply a plastic material mannequin. This is great for displaying at your clothing store or business with clothing on them. This is used to show off your items to customers as they walk in the door, which helps give them a better visual idea of how an item may look on them. Dress forms are there to help you while you are in the process of creating and sewing your clothes in an easy way. You can stick pins and needles through them without damaging the mannequins (covered with linen or nylon), and some of them even come adjustable.

Our dress forms at Gold Star Tool are made to last you for years down the line. If you are a fashion student, these forms are perfect for you to get started in the industry. They are easy to use and easy to carry, so you can even take them to school with you to show off your latest creations to your teachers and/or classmates!

Here is our girl dress form with hip non-collapsible shoulder that is a very popular item in our store. This item is ideal for sample fitting room and high quality clothing display. It even comes with a cast iron base and 4 wheels. You can shop this item through this link for just $299.00: https://goldstartool.com/Ladies-Dress-Form-with-Hip-Non-Collapsible-Shoulder-601A.html