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Are Millennials Sewing Like the Older Generations?

We’ve always seen significant differences in the habits and behaviors of different generations along with the changing world. The role of millennials in the greater scope of history has been especially interesting due to the development and dramatic rise of technology within the lifespan of people born in the late ’80s and early ’90s.  

Many behaviors that seem commonplace and even essential to older generations just don’t play the same role among millennials, and sewing is one of these behaviors. 

How the Role of Sewing Has Changed with Millennials 

Sewing both freehand and with a sewing machine is certainly not a thing of the past, but its role in society has changed with the younger generations. 

Most importantly, while sewing machines were once an essential tool for families to make their own clothing, using sewing machines for small fabric fixes or creative projects is much more commonplace these days. 

The Power of Personalization 

Since most people no longer use a sewing machine or freehand skills out of necessity, sewing has become a fun way to personalize clothing, hand-make accessories, and simply enjoy a creative hobby during free time. 

Sewing is a popular pastime for millennials who enjoy crafting. Some millennials even turn creative pursuits like knitting or sewing into an extra income stream by selling personalized, handmade items online.

Embracing Sustainability 

One of the most significant markers of the millennial generation is their passion for the environment and living a sustainable lifestyle. 

Therefore, despite living in a society that makes it easy to purchase brand-new clothing both in-store and online, many millennials are using their sewing machines to repurpose old clothing and materials into all-new creations that help them express their style while also reducing their carbon footprint. 

What’s in Store for the Sewing Industry? 

In order to keep the art of sewing alive, the crafting industry as a whole is focusing its efforts on the needs of the newest generations, which now include Gen Z and younger millennials. 

The craft force is currently the youngest it’s ever been, as just over 40% of crafters are between the ages of 18 and 34. This bodes well for the future of the sewing machine and crafting in general. 


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